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“Wise Virgin” by A N Wilson.

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For the crossover piece of Coursework we have looked at how 20th Century and pre 20th writers have written about love and marriage. We have looked at poetry, prose and drama. We looked at seven different authors. The first piece I read was "Wise Virgin" by A N Wilson. The second piece I read was "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. "Wise Virgin" is a 20th century piece of writing and "Pride and Prejudice is a pre 20th century piece of writing. The first thing I noticed about these two how, asking someone to marry you has changed so much over the years. WISE VIRGIN Wise Virgin started off very unusual, as if there was some text missing. This was a very good way to start off because it will make the reader read on. The first thing that I noticed in Wise virgin was that the woman was proposing to the man. So I asked my self is this common, for the women to propose to the man? In my opinion it is becoming more common. The girl was also a lot younger than the man; the man had also been married twice before. ...read more.


She tells him that they made a lot of sacrifices that his father would not tell him about. She also cooked her son his favourite dinner and she was not pleased that he was not in to at it when it was ready. The man's mother did not let him speak and I think that his made him angry as he lifted the clock beside him and raised it above his head. The piece of writing ended here. The problem here is that he is a generation gap between the man and his mother. Parents feel that the effort they put into their children, is not returned and lack of respect can cause friction. ROOTS This is a play about a mother and her daughter. The girl called Beatie feels that her mother has kept her down and more to the point let her down. Beatie starts by telling her mother about her new boyfriend. She tells her how much this boy has changed her life and the way she feels about him. Beatie thinks that his boy going into her life is the best thing that has happened to her in her life. ...read more.


She also tells Vic that there would be other problems like finding a house and what kind of area they would be in. She tells him that they need to discuss it. His wife thinks that there are a lot of things to solve and overcome first. Towards the end Vic and his wife seem to realise that this job is coming between them so they agree to forger about it for a couple of days and then talk about it. So from reading this play we can see that the two people involved did not understand each other and they need to spend more time talking and listening to each other. Communication is a very important in any relationship, especially marriage. When communication ceases the relationship breaks down. Those three pieces of writing showed us how relationships can often be happy or even unbearable. The main reason for this was because the people involved did not understand each other. So over all the seven pieces of writing showed us how relationships, proposals, and the generation gap have been written by a variety of writer's over the years. When we read them we can see that a lot of conventions of love and relationships have changed, but the problem of forming a lasting relationship remain. ...read more.

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