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1600-1800 history

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Nicole Tomlinson 20 AEH Coursework Mr Middleton JAWS I am going to be explaining, in full detail, the action packed film Jaws released in 1975. The famous director of jaws, Steven Spielberg is well known for his expensive and high tech movies such as Indiana Jones, star wars and E.T, Jaws is yet another one of his incredible movies. The film Jaws is set in a little, yet thriving, beach resort Amity. Amity is known for its busy summers and constant customers, but there is dreadful news. There's a shark in the waters and it's not long before it has attacked its first victim. Inspector Chief Brody is new to the island and is first to here news of the shark; he believes that the beach should be closed down, but July the 4th is on its way and is a big earner for the town. Amity's mayor wants to keep the beach open and he gets his own way. The shark keeps on attacking and in one instance Brodys son is nearly a victim. The quest to find this man-eating shark becomes personal and Brody, Hooper (oceanographer) and Quint (shark hunter) set off to track the shark down. Quint is attacked and eaten. All is well in the end and brody and Hooper manage to kill the shark. During the title sequence the audience are lead to believe that there is a creature underwater. ...read more.


Spielberg doesn't want constant killings though, this would make the film a lot more predictable. This is why he chooses to make the killings a lot more irregular. An example of an irregular killing is when a girl screams just before the second attack, an audiences instant reaction would be to assume the shark was there. It turns out that there isn't an attack and someone she knows is just lifting her up into the air. The audience then relax later to find out that number two attack takes place, they get the feeling of not knowing when to relax in case of another attack, they are kept on their toes. In another instance of a fake alert, two men are in a boat attached to a jetty, looking out for the shark. As would be expected a shark starts coming towards the jetty, the audience are thinking that the shark will attack the men in the boat, but they get out of the boat, just in time. On the 4th of July, two children play a trick on the people visiting beach resort Amity, the audience are expecting another attack to take place but nothing happens, a little later another attack occurs and the audience can't keep up, false alerts keep occurring. The director builds up a sense of fear of the shark by not allowing the audience to see all of the shark near the beginning of the film, the size of the shark (as seen in the last scene) ...read more.


The music is sometimes epic. When the music is epic, then the audience do not know who is in control. When the attacks are taking place, the victims are made human for instance chrissy, the girl swimmer at the start is dragged around ferociously and there is constant screeching and screaming, there director has created a sense of her being alone in the sea and there is no-one there to help her. Brody is slapped by Alex's mother (the boy eaten in the second attack), we instantly feel sorry for him, as we know it is not his fault for the killing. The story is deliberately structured to build tension and fear to keep the audience interested. The first two attacks are close together to build up a hate for the shark. Brody's son being involved in one of the attacks is important for the film because Brody would not have had the guts to go out to sea if it hadn't of happened, the director chose one of the attacks to be on July the 4th because lots of people would have been in the scene. In my view, the highest point of tension in the film was when Hooper, was in the metal cage being lowered into the water, this made me feel uncomfortable knowing that the shark was out there. I think Spielberg did a fantastically good job of using filming devices to build up suspense and entertain his audience. ...read more.

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