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1930's Mississippi was a harsh place for black people.

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1930's Mississippi was a harsh place for black people. Slavery had finished but white people still treated black people like slaves. Mildred Taylor wrote of how she learnt to grow and understand more about injustice. Cassie, the main character tells us what it was like to be living at that time in America. In this essay I will discuss about what injustices I feel most strongly about in roll of thunder & why I feel this way. In the first chapter, the Logan kids are walking to school, after a long break. Little Man walks slower than the other Logan children - he is worried about getting his best clothes dirty. Stacey, who is the eldest of the four, is upset because he has to be taught by his mother this year. We are soon introduced to a young boy called T.J. Avery. We learn very quickly about T.J.s desire to be the focus of attention. T.J. informs the Logan children of an incident where a family were torched because the white men felt that they had done something wrong. The incident has become known as the Berry's Burning. T.J. Tries to hold the moment for as long as possible by telling the children that, "Maybe I ought not tell ya. ...read more.


Little Man is extremely upset with the poor quality of the book that he has received. Little Man, not aware that all of the books were in the same pathetic condition as the one he has been awarded, asks for a new one. Little Man is told off by his teacher, when he realises that all the books are the same he accepts it and sits down. When Little Man opens his book he is appalled to find that there is a sticker in the front page of his book saying: Date of Issuance condition Race of Student September 1922 New White " 1923 Excellent " " 1924 " " " 1925 Very good " " 1926 good " " 1927 " " " 1928 Average " " 1929 " " " 1930 " " " 1931 Poor " " 1932 " " " 1933 VERY POOR nigra Little Man is upset about this. With his hopes of a great school time disappearing rapidly, he throws his book onto the floor and stamps on it furiously. Ms. Crocker, the teacher, is so amazed by Little Man's behaviour that she takes him to the front of the class to whip him. Cassie tries to stand up for Little Man by showing Ms. ...read more.


He describes how Mr Morrison picked one man up and flung him to the ground. This shows how that even when they tried to help the community the whites might be ready to stop them. Being shot is nothing compared to what TJ went through in the last chapter. TJ nearly died because the Simms brothers told everybody that TJ was part of the attack on the Barnett's and that they saw him run off. When some whites heard about this they went to TJ's house and dragged him out and kicked him. In the book it says that TJ, "let out a cry of pain". Stacey sees what is happening and runs to Papa for help. Papa burns a quarter or the cotton in his effort to save TJ. This makes the people forget about TJ and help with the fire. The end of the book was very sad but hopeful atmosphere as Cassie thinks about everything that has happened and learns to accept the way her community is treated. At that time, the life of black people was extremely hard. They constantly had to watch their back. Now in the year 2003 the blacks and whites are equal but still now there is still racist people who cause hurt because they don't like the colour of a person's skin. By Shayaz ...read more.

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