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1984 - A letter to Winston.

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4th of July, 1994 Dear Winston, The last time we saw each other, I wanted to have said many things, asked many questions, but I wasn't able to do that, I had no courage, and therefore we didn't say a word. Due to this reason I decided to write you this letter. For many times I wished I could go back in time, so that I could do things differently. Maybe this letter will not represent as much to you as it does to me, a long time has passed and a lot of things have changed, but I need to write this letter so that I am able to have no regrets. ...read more.


After some months when I had some time to assimilate it, I started wondering if this could be simply a lie. And I wanted to know from you what happened, and exactly what happened. I would never betray you and didn't think you would. I need this answer to finally forget any bad feeling about my past. The hope that you didn't give up, made me think about you in a different way, and I started missing you. For one thing I'm sure in life, O'Brien and the rest of the party may have changed our minds, but never changed our hearts. ...read more.


I look forward to someday receiving a letter from you telling me about your life and answering the question I have been asking myself for many years. Sometimes I even dream with the day that we will see each other again and you will meet my family, but I know that maybe this day will never happen. Just remember Winston, no matter what happened in the past, we have to live in the present, I'm trying to carry on with my life because that's the way it should be. Everything turned alright for me and I hope the same happened to you. Always keep in mind that you will forever have a special friend thinking about you and wondering how are you. Sincerely, Julia ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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