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1984 by George Orwell - summary

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1984 (1949) By George Orwell Entry 1 The story starts with a man by the name of Winston Smith who is aged 39 and is a member of the Outer Party. The society of Oceania is described, it seems like a contry under martial law. Everywhere there are large posters of Big Brother, who is the ruler of Oceania the posters have propergandial messages and I think that they are being used so that the repetition of seeing these things will brain wash the people, and make them think kindly towards Big Brother. Winston lives in a very old flat on the 7th floor of Victory Mansions. He works at the Ministry of Truth or Minitrue as it is called in Newspeak a language made by Big Brother, it is in an enormous pyramid shaped structure which towers above the other buildings in London. There are three other Ministries housed in similar buildings, they are the Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Plenty and the Ministry of Love. Everyone in the Outer Party has a telescreen in their home, which has propaganda on it all day, and the Thought Police can also watch its Party members through these devices. The Thought Police make sure that everyone follows the rules and never thinks anything bad about Big Brother. There life seems to be very dull and doesn't have much excitement in it, it says that luxury is having a drink of Victory gin and the main challenge is trying to smoke a Victory cigarette without the tobacco falling out. This book was written in 1953 but it seems slightly similar to a communist Russia, were the people do not have a real say in anything at all and products are second rate, but this book has taken that idea a step further by not letting the people have any say at all and they even take away the one thing that people can claim as their own and that is their thoughts. ...read more.


Winstonthought what might happen if they get caught and he did not want Julia to be in any trouble, this shows that Winston has got feelings for her and wants to take care of her. Julia encouraged Winston to be more positive about their future together. Their lovemaking has now become a physical necessity rather than a statement of rebellion. Winston rents the room above the shop where he had bought the diary from. He had a feeling that it was not a good idea nad that it was to riskybut he wanted to be alone with Julia in a normal environment were he can pretent that the world outside does not excist. I have a feeling that with these risky actions they will probably be caught within a few weeks, but Winston is prepared to take the risk. . I think that she Winston wants to be more rebelious but he does not really know how to. Julia bought things from the black market like sugar and coffee. They also ate bread and strawberry jam. I think that this sybolises that they are trying to replicate how life would be without Big Brother and the party. Julia is now acting more like a housewife and sit seems that this relationship is more important to Julia then her previous ones, she is not with Winston because of his looks but because at first it was to rebel but now they are falling in love. Winston is clinging on to Julia like a security balnket because she is experianced in sex and rebeling against Big Brother and Winston is like a boy who is experiancing everything for the first time. This is another reason why Julia likes Winston because she feels responcible for him and like he is her prot�g� which she must teach and guide, she almost has a motherly role towards him because she is helping him experience a world which he has bearly seen, just like a moher would hold a childs hand as he or she took her first steps , Julia is holding Winstons hand as he journies through life. ...read more.


O'Brien says that the rats are very hungry and when he opens the gate, they will rush at his face and will strip him to the bone. O'Brien stresses that there is no escape for Winston and no escape for the rats. Winston realizes that his only way to escape was to put the only person who could take the blame for him and that was Julia. He shouted frantically, "Do it to Julia, not me, Julia." As he he blamed Julia he had his last throw of the dice, he had admitted defeat and had given up his mind. Room 101 proved that the Party has power over Winston's mind and spirit.He now belongs to Big Brother, and he has nothing left but to love Big Brother. Winston is employed on a Sub-Committee made up of other people like him. It is not quite clear what he actually does, but he does not spend much of his time with his work. He spends most of his time now at the Chestnut Tree Cafe where he sits on his own playing chess and drinking Victory Gin. He met Julia once and she confessed that she betrayed him,just like Winston betrayed her. They are no longer interestrested in each other anymore. Winston stares at the portrait of Big Brother and as gin-scented tears roll down his face, he realizes that he has won the victory over himself. He loves Big Brother. Winston has excepted Big Brother and has become just like everyone else, he still has his own thoughts but a majority of his mind is pro Big Brother. This is an intresting end because you are not sure whether he is actually going to continue to love Big Brother or he might try to rebel onse again it is really unsure, and orwell has given no inducation of what is going to happen to Winston. In my opinion Winston will just be another worker ant in a long, insignificant line. 1984 Zohab Khan Page 1 of 10 ...read more.

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