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1984 Quote Journal

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Sarah Pathammavong August 15, 2002 British Lit. Smith 1984 Quote Journal "On each landing, opposite the lift shaft, the poster with the enormous face gazed from the wall. It was one of those pictures which are so contrived that the eyes follow you about when you move. Big Brother Is Watching You, the caption beneath it ran." (Orwell 5) This quote is an example of how effective and convincing The Party can make a simple poster. The Party has put posters everywhere constantly reminding the Party members that they are being watched. Being watched played a major role in every Party member's life in the book. Winston who was constantly scared of doing things, such as having a face of anxiety or not cheering with as much enthusiasm in the two minute hate. Everything that Winston did throughout the novel that he thought was not seen by the Thought Police was seen by them. Winston even tried to make sure that his diary was not bothered with so he sprinkled some powder on the corner of the book. That powder was carefully replaced as if it was the same as when it was first put there, by the Thought Police, that is how watchful and investigative the Thought Police is. ...read more.


Of course Winston is afraid of what he has written. Because the Thought Police can catch someone even because of their thoughts. Since the dairy itself was already a risk now what he wrote was a risk. And even if he didn't write it just thinking about it was a risk. Why would he write this? The Winston that was writing this was his real conscious. His mind realizes that what the government does doesn't seem to be right. Like the constant watching. He notices that he had before been brainwashed to accept Big Brother. Though in the back of his mind he always knew that something wasn't right. And now his back thoughts have came forward by writing "DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER". Of course after this incident he began to recall things that seemed sketchy before, about the government. He figures out The Party had everyone of Oceania brainwashed. Naturally he would now become even more afraid about the Thought Police. Since now he assumed that he knew the truth. So his thoughts are running though his head about hating Big Brother. Now he must find a way to hide his real feelings. ...read more.


Because the Party has said that it is a much easier language then the previously used old English. The words of newspeak are cut down. Such as it doesn't consist of the word bad, the language uses prefixes and suffixes for antonyms of words, the word for bad is ungood. So therefore there is no need for the word bad or any other synonyms of bad. Also to get a stronger version of the word such as good it would be "plusgood" or "doubleplusgood", and that would make obsolete words like "splendid" and "excellent". That is how Syme is "cutting the language down to the bone". Since The Newspeak language was really made to less express ones thoughts and have less meaning. The Party has made the language to be specific and to have no creativity to ones speaking. The Party is manipulating people by leaving them with not enough words to express their feelings or thoughts. And since they cant express them the people must think they not exist and forget about them. The Party's goal for Newspeak is for the language to require less thought when speaking. So when a Party member is asked a question the Party member wouldn't have to spend time to think of words to say, they would just spit out words automatically, sort of like a robot. ...read more.

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