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19th Century Prose- Detective Essay.

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19th Century Prose- Detective Essay. Sherlock Holmes is the original fictional detective, and the most famous. Everybody knows Sherlock and Watson and their stories. After the Sherlock stories there have been thousands of 'Stereotypical' and 'Cheesy' detectives. But did all these authors copy Arthur Conan Doyle, and to what extent is Sherlock Holmes the original 'Archetypal' detective. Sherlock Holmes has several methods and styles of detection, which make him a good private detective. ...read more.


This shows how skilled Holmes is at disguise. Many other fictional detectives have this trait, Philip Marloue uses disguise to get information. "I had my horn-rimmed glasses on, I put my voice high and let a bird twitter in it". Maybe he does not use disguise to the same extent as Sherlock but he still carries the trait. Holmes has the tendency to leave everyone in the dark about what is on his mind, the solution to the case. ...read more.


He studies all the facts and evidence very closely before drawing conclusions, in his own words Holmes 'Sees and observes' "It is a capitol mistake to theorize before one has data". This trait is not necessarily original to Holmes, as any good detective, fictional or not fictional should have this trait. However from what I see American 50's detectives don't really have any detective skills they are just luck. European fictional detectives however use their brains, such as Creek, Morse and Poirot. ...read more.

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