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19th century shot stories

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How effectively do the writers of the nineteenth century short stories you have read, develop the sense of mystery and fear to intrigue and entertain their readers? The stories I have read are, the Man with the Twisted Lip, The Red Room and The Signalman. The stories are all based around the theme mystery; however they are different types of mystery. There is a missing man mystery, ghost mystery and another ghost/ mystery story. The Man with the twisted lip is about a missing man which Sherlock Holmes and Watson are sent to investigate. They end up finding out that the man is leading a double life. People of the time would have liked the Sherlock Holmes story as he was a private detective who could get results unlike the police force, who were unpopular of the time, who couldn't catch the infamous Jack the Ripper. The readers of the time would like the supernatural stories as they were in a phase of believing in the supernatural. ...read more.


This is because he does the same actions as the spectre did when he appeared to the Signalman. "What made your cry, 'Halloa! Below there!' to-night?" this is one of the lines that helps to give the sense of mystery and starts to introduce the spectre. The person interested in railways, the narrator, doesn't really add to the sense of mystery, as he is just there to examine the Signalman and not to add to the sense of mystery. In the Man with the Twisted Lip there are two main characters and three other important characters in the story. Sherlock Holmes and Watson are the two main characters as they are the two private investigators in this story of the missing man. The other three main characters that play important parts are Hugh Boone, Mrs St Clair and her missing husband Mr St Clair. Hugh Boone adds to the sense of mystery in this story as he is the only connection we have to the missing man Mr St Clair. ...read more.


In conclusion, I would say that I don't feel that all the writers use these techniques in the same way. However, I do feel that the reader has a sense of 'being on edge' throughout each of these three well written stories. The Red Room keeps us thinking as to whether there is actually something there, as the candles go out on their own. The Man with the Twisted Lip keeps us thinking that Mr St Clair is dead and not actually Hugh Boone, which takes the reader by surprise. The Signalman keeps us on edge by making us wonder what each vision means and we as the reader are completely thrown when it turns out the Signalman is dead. I feel that the stories would not be of interest to the reader of today, as the language used in these stories is quite complex. However, I feel that the Man with the Twisted Lip is still interesting for readers of today as many people enjoy detective stories. I also prefer the Man with the Twisted Lip as I preferred the language used and the storyline, compared to others. ...read more.

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