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19th cenutry stereotypes

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How far do the women in "The Ostler" "The Cottage" and "The adventure of the speckled band", conform to the 19th Century stereotypes? In this essay I will analyze 19th century women. I will see how far the women from the stories conform to the 19th century stereotype. In order to do this I will compare women from "The Ostler" , "The adventure of the speckled band" and "The Cottage" to the typical Victorian stereotype women of their classes. Several women in the 19th Century were illiterate because many of them were poor and didn't get the facilities to get good education or good comportment. A typical poor women from the 19th century would be working as a mill worker being paid very low wages. A poor woman's life would be difficult as she would have to look after her children and also deal with the difficulties of a job. She would be classed as property of the husband. We would feel sympathetic towards the poor woman as she would work harder than the rich woman to earn enough money, as the rich woman would do little or no work but still get the sumptuousness of life. ...read more.


She was in the process of committing suicide until Isaac convinced her that there was more to life than she thought. Rebecca is a very manipulative and Machiavellian person. She said to Isaac "If you tell her how we met and who I am, she will move heaven and earth to prevent our marriage". This shows how she convinces Isaac to change his mind rather persuasively. Rebecca in a sense is competent at what she does, she does things in ways which people don't really take notice of. Rebecca thinks before she acts and knows what to say when people ask her questions, "I want to make her love me next best to you Isaac, before she knows anything of who I really am". This shows her cunningness and insidiousness as she tries to trick Isaac to make his mother love her. Rebecca Murdock isn't a 19th century stereotypical women despite the fact that she is poor. In contrast to 19th century stereotypical women she is conniving, manipulative, and devious. Also she is described as being "beautiful" which would not be equivalent to the 19th century stereotypical women. ...read more.


This quotation tells us that Helen is attesting the fact that she is feeble "I have a right to look for help and advice...". Helen Stoner is portrayed much like the 19th century stereotype due to the way she acts and behaves. Mrs Hudson is the 19th century stereotype of a poor woman. When Sherlock Holmes says "Mrs Hudson has a good sense to light the fire", this tells us that she knows her place of character and that she is servile. To Conclude I have discovered that the most stereotypical women in the 19th century was Helen Stoner because of her way of thinking, conduct, and personal character. She gets frightened even in the smallest of situations. Bessie is not the average stereotypical girl because of her braveness and courage. But despite this in the end she turned out to be the common stereotypical girl by marrying a man, this therefore made her subservient to him. Mrs Scatchard would be classes as a stereotypical poor woman in the 19th century but regardless of here being poor she was well educated. She was able to read and write whereas the stereotypical view of a poor woman would be solecistic and uneducated. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ali Syed - S11 ...read more.

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