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20th Century Coursework

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20th Century Coursework Blood Brothers - Act 2, Ending Re-Write Mrs Johnstone (Screaming): Mickey... Mickey... We see MICKEY comb a dark, damp, busy town, breaking through the rushing groups of people, looking, searching, desperate, not even knowing what he's looking for, where he is going or what he is going to do. MRS. JOHNSTONE and LINDA are frantically trying to find him, but not succeeding. EDWARD notices MRS. JOHNSTONE and follows her. The lighting fades out and then fades back in to a High key lighting. We see MICKEY, standing in the road where his house once stood. MICKEY falls to his knees and starts to sob. Enter MRS. JOHNSTONE and LINDA from the wealth part of the estate. Mrs. Johnstone (with a sigh of relief): Mickey! MICKEY glances over at his mother. Mickey: You... ...read more.


I just want to talk! Mickey: NO! I'm going to end this right here and right now! A POLICEMAN walking along the road to the left of EDWARD, MICKEY, LINDA and MRS. JOHNSTONE notices the gun in MICKEY' s hand, he takes his gun from his holster and kneels low and calls for backup. Mrs. Johnstone: Eddie! Mickey! Stop this at once! Mickey: Quiet mam, I have to do this. Mrs. Johnstone: Mickey, Eddie, you're... you're brothers! MRS. JOHNSTONE steps forward towards EDWARD, MICKEY and the POLICEMAN hold their aim still. Mickey: That's kids stuff mam, he's not my brother! Mrs. Johnstone: No... Mickey, you and Eddie are twins... Both EDWARD and MICKEY look paralysed with shock, MICKEY steps towards EDWARD looking closely at his face, and with a sharp reaction the POLICEMAN shoots MICKEY in the arm, reacting, MICKEY falls to the floor staring at EDWARD. ...read more.


Mrs. Johnstone (Singing): Tell me it's not true, Say it's just a story. Something on the news Tell me it's not true. Though it's here before me, Say it's just a dream, Say It's just a scene, From an old movie of years ago, From an old movie of Marilyn Monroe. Say it's just some clowns, Two players in the limelight, And bring the curtain down, Say it's just two clowns, Who couldn't get their lines right, Say it's just a show On the radio That we can turn over and start again, That we can turn over; it's only a game. Company: Tell me it's not true, Say I only dreamed it, And morning will come soon, Tell me it's not true, Say you didn't mean it, Say it's just pretend, Say it's just the end, From an old movie of years ago, From an old movie with Marilyn Monroe. Curtain. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ben Palmer 10s Page 1 5/9/2007 ...read more.

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