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28 days later - Media

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28 Days Later - Analysis Media Coursework Analyse the opening scene of the film 28 Days Later and comment on whether you think it is an effective opening sequence to a film. 28 Days Later, a bloodthirsty horror film directed by Danny Boyle was released in 2002. The opening begins 28 day after the first infection of the zombie outbreak. We begin with the title of the film signifying this is 28 day later. There is an extreme close-up shot of the main character's eye as it gently opens with a sharp intake of breath. This signifies he has woken up after the events that happened and he appears to be well. His hair is overgrown and unkempt, apart from one side of his head, which suggest he may have had some kind of brain surgery. This may be the cause of his prolonged time asleep. As he tries to manoeuvre out of the bed, he is entangled with operating equipment and monitors. This expresses that he has been left without any supervision. ...read more.


There is a gradual ascending volume of music in the background as he slowly thinks of a consequence of to why this is happening. As he progresses down the bridge, he sees an overturned red double-decker bus which is symbolic for London. The camera angles remain high as it is as if somebody is looking down on him and he is insignificant to the mighty human race. He makes his way to black statues standing tall as they are untouched and remind him of human life. The sudden movement of the camera begins the drumming noise in the music. This could explain the noise of footsteps as they are marching through the city, leaving emptiness behind. He starts picking up loose money from the stairway; this action is completely irrelevant as money is worthless when there are no others. He continues on and sees bird scavenging on the floor, this shows that whatever happened, birds survived the incident and they are making most of the lack of humans. This proves that the invasion must have been on the ground as the birds can easily flee from this. ...read more.


The camera zooms rapidly towards posters in sync with the music. Amongst the posters, there is a quote from the bible written on a postcard, it reads; "I WILL MAKE YOUR GRAVE FOR YOU ARE VILE", this means in Basic English, 'I will make your last resting-place a place of shame; for you are completely evil' which refers to the zombie invasion. The camera then spins around him nauseatingly to show confusion and surrealism. The character must feel anxious and frightened as he has nobody to talk to. The scene ends by randomly zooming in on a poster to show individuality in a sea of identity as the music slowly dies down. The next scene begins in a church, this setting is important as a church is seen as a refuge from evil. The camera angle is high focusing downwards from the cross which could mean that Jesus is looking down on him. As he walks up the stairs to the church nave, he encounters another biblical quote; "REPENT THE END IS EXTREMELY F***ING NIGH", Repent is a powerful word meaning to regret your sins as you caused this. ...read more.

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