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3 Forms of Media

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How do these two forms of media convey the writer's/designer's intention? Within this assignment I intend to discuss how the writer/designer conveys their intentions. After opening the web page, the first persuasive device that one is made aware of is the colour; purple, this is placed at the top of the page and is used to display peace and unity and make the audience feel oneness within the website; the colour is also used to direct the reader's eyes towards objects that the creator wants the audience to look at. Different colours are used in all forms of media as they are the most noticeable on any webpage. This colour explains that the St. John Ambulance Service brings peace to the people that it helps and strives to make the world a better place. The second device used to convey the writer's intention and persuade the audience is the logo at the top of the page which is designed in the shape of a circle. It is used to represent peace and hope that continues forever. In the circle is a cross which historically is known to represent Christianity and the associations linked to the faith i.e. truth, care and respect. Under the logo are the words: 'Caring for Life' which tell the audience that the purpose of St. ...read more.


In this form of media the writer's/designer's intention is to try and persuade the viewer to: 'Learn First Aid' so that they can provide aid to anyone who needs it. The writer/designer persuaded the audience to learn first aid using the many persuasive techniques discussed above. In the second form of media, many different techniques are used in a magazine article to persuade people to buy a computer game without them realising that they're being persuaded. The first persuasive device used in the second form of media is the title: 'GRANDprix 2' at the top of the page. We can tell that this is important due to the fact that half of the title is written in capital letters and the other half is written in italics; this highlights how: 'Grand' the game in the pages of the magazine is, the title is also coloured in white and yellow which are vibrant, energetic colours to create the feeling that the game is vibrant and energetic, these colours also insure that the title is the first thing that the audience will look at. The second device used in the magazine article to persuade the audience is the colour turquoise, this is used to take control of the audience's eyes and direct them wherever the designer wishes. It is a very tranquil colour that creates the effect of spaciousness i.e. ...read more.


This convinces the audience to buy the game as they have been told that it is better than the other racing games. The subtitle is also written in capital letters so that it catches the eye of the reader. The last persuasive devices are found at the bottom of the magazine article; in the bottom right corner of the article is the logo of the makers of the game: 'MICROPROSE' and their website address which is written so that the audience can visit the site to find out more information. In the middle of the page on the left is the slogan: 'WORLD CLASS, WORLD CIRCUIT FORMULA ONE' this lets the audience know that the Formula One racing within the game takes place all over the world. This makes them want to have the pleasure of racing in the game throughout the world. Next to the slogan of the left is another logo which says: 'FORMULA 1 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP' this tells the audience that the game is built upon a professional Formula One racing tournament and that because of this the game is a first-class experience. In the two forms of media discussed above a variety of different persuasive techniques were used that expressed the writer's/designer's intentions i.e. the way the title is written, colours which represent emotions, visual imagery, logos and slogans. These many techniques are used in all magazines, adverts and websites to get the audience to do what the writer/designer wants. ?? ?? ?? ?? Muslim Stevenson D6-TA ...read more.

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