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300 Review

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300 Directed by Zack Snyder Rating: 1/5 '300' is in one word, a bloodbath. Zack Snyder, of 'Sin City' fame, has brought us and disappointed us with another macabre, abstract mess. A shame, as Snyder showed considerable promise as a skilful director with 'Sin City', which was a masterpiece in its own right. '300' however, means we can add Zack Snyder to the list of directors who never quite get the knack of what they are doing and occasionally crawl out of the woodwork to bring us yet another pointless piece of garbage. Believe it or not, in the hands of a capable director, '300' could have flourished. Historical films usually do quite well in modern cinemas, we have the example of 'Gladiator', an epic to say the least, which won numerous awards and awed cinema audiences back in the year 2000. Gladiator's director, Ridley Scott, a professional with many a legendary film to his name, always seems to deliver the directing 'goods.' ...read more.


on an actual historical event, (the battle of Thermoplaye), the main characters are all real and existed though somehow it is doubtful that the real battle contained quite so many spears thrust through torsos and decapitated corpses falling in almost-too-painful-to-watch slow motion. '300' has anything and everything the modern masochist could ever dream of. The acting is, believe it or not, the saving grace of '300'. Gerald Butler is as believable as a man wearing only a G-string and a cloak can possibly be, bellowing, 'Spartans! Prepare for glory!' with the sheer ferocity of a man possessed. Rodrigo Santonos is also worth a mention. Not just for the spine-tingling performance he delivers as the god-king Xeres but for the patience it must take when your costume designer asks you to wear a ton of brass and flounce around looking utterly ridiculous for the duration of the film. Snyder has obviously attended 'CGI School' early in his directing career and has an almost unparalleled array of CGI skills at his disposal. ...read more.


There are still children starving in Africa but Snyder still has the nerve to whisk away thousands of his audience's hard-earned cash on this epic disaster. Tyler Bates has churned out a few symphonies especially for '300' each of them a credit to their maker. Unfortunately, when listening to such work amidst a shower of bloody gore, the music is tainted somewhat and instead leaves a bittersweet taste in the mouth. '300' has won awards, a few fair in fact and to give credit where credit is due, some of the rather tasteless members of society would declare '300' to be a work art, deserving of a place in the 'Film Hall of Fame.' Most, I suspect, at least those with an adequate number of brain cells, will be henceforth ignoring any future films directed by Zack Snyder. Personally, I hope Mr Snyder learns his lesson and that his next offering, 'Watchmen', expected on the 6th March 2009, will be somewhat more watchable. That is, if anybody still has the stomach to bear to watch a film that even whispers his name on its promotional poster. Natalie Beard 10AT ...read more.

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