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‘Programming for younger viewers’

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December 2007 'Programming for younger viewers' I have looked at the television listing for the week commencing 24th November 2007. For the TV Channels BBC1, BBC2, ITV1 and Channel 4 I found a total of 142 programmes which were suitable to be shown to children under the age of 11, and 98 programmes which were suitable to be shown to teenagers. My analysis is as follows: For children under the age of 11, I found that the peak hours for television programmes on Monday to Friday were 6.00 to 4.30. On the weekends for children aged under the age of 11 the peak hours were 6.00AM - 12.00PM. For teenagers between Monday to Friday the peak hours for TV programmes is 7.00AM -9.00AM and in the evening 6.00PM - 10.00PM On the weekends for teenagers the peak hours were 9.00AM - 4.00PM and 7.00PM - 11.00PM. The peak hours show the times that the children are either getting ready to go to school, in the mornings on week days, and coming home from school, in the evenings on week days. ...read more.


The most popular programmes for boys under 10 are Dexter's Laboratory, SpongeBob SquarePants, What's New Scooby Do? and Pokemon. Some of the younger boys prefer CITV to CBBC due to the perception that there is more comedy and cartoons on the channel than on CBBC. Unfortunately, I found that there are a lot of repeat programmes on these channels. There is a lack of variety within the drama genre and I would like to see more UK drama, especially for younger children. UK programmes, especially drama and factual genres, help to reflect the lives of children in the UK. Some of these programmes, for example Tracy Beaker, encourage good social skills, and teach you how to behave for example that it's not right to bully, as well as providing entertainment. From research I found that some parents think that there is too much US drama, which they think is too alike in format and tone. ...read more.


Cartoons provide valuable relaxation and light hearted viewing for all children and can fuel their imagination as well as providing humour and a sense of fun. Cartoons are capable of providing a moral message to children; however, most parents feel that there are too many cartoons on television especially on satellite channels. The Simpsons appeals to all ages and there is always some sort of moral that pops up at the end. Many programmes are very Americanised and are trying to encourage you to buy the latest toy or product. The older you are it becomes more important for television to inform and educate and television needs to provide high quality programmes children want to watch. Quality programmes include comedy, interesting characters, good storylines, action/excitement and interesting locations/scenarios. It would be good to see more factual programmes on children's television, including Wildlife programmes, environmental programmes and historical programmes. Boys would probably like more sports programmes, and parents would like more family viewing (including family films), comedies or light hearted dramas and more quizzes and team challenge programmes, as well as more real life dramas made in the UK, especially for older children. ...read more.

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