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The law is only a word for what has a right to happen.(TM) What is the role of the law in the world of the play?

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'The law is only a word for what has a right to happen.' What is the role of the law in the world of the play? 'The law is only a word for what has a right to happen'. In 'A View from the Bridge' the law holds a very important place. Today, I'll begin by talking about the importance of the law. Later on, I will give you information on how the law affects the characters as well as their actions and the difference between the two types of law explored in the play. Right at the start, Alfieri's opening speech signals to us about the importance of the law in the play. We learn that this play will be related to the law when he mentions that 'in Sicily, from where their fathers came, the law has not been a friendly idea since the Greeks were beaten.' Soon, we can firmly predict that the law is going to hold a key role as he goes on to foreshadow that that lawyers in ancient times, as well as modern were unable to stop a 'complaint' from running a 'bloody course'. ...read more.


Alfieri, as a connector between the law and the characters, he constantly speaks of 'settling for half'. This means that it is better to rely on written law as far as possible and accept it even when you are only 'half' satisfied. The repetition emphasizes its importance in Alfieri's eyes and that he values the law more than justice. Alfieri sees that the written law may not always deliver justice yet it is better to follow and accept it than to take it into your own hands, like Marco and Eddie did. After reading the play, we learn that taking the law into your own hands can lead to conflict and death. Eddie betrays Marco and Rodolpho at the end of the play and since there isn't a law to punish Eddie for doing so, Marco goes against the law to uphold justice - to punish Eddie himself. The play concludes with a fight between them and Eddie dies in Beatrice's arms. ...read more.


This is the law that Eddie refers to mostly. Marco's view of the law consists of family loyalty and believing that justice is in the hands of man and not God. This is evident when Marco questions about a law to punish Eddie for betraying his family, as he said: "He degraded my brother. My blood. He robbed my children, he mocks my work. There's no law for that?" Alfieri replied him by saying 'only God makes justice.' Alfieri tries to make Marco realize who the real judge of events is. At the end, Eddie tries to take the law into his own hands to try and stand up for what he believes to be 'justice'. However, both Eddie and Marco were influenced by their personal feelings and could no longer take an objective view of justice. To conclude, in 'A View from the Bridge', those who did not 'settle for half' proved to be the ones who suffered. It now becomes clear why; Alfieri feels so strongly about accepting and following the law. The law, despite its limitations in satisfying everyone, gives an objective view. Jesslyn Leung 11E ...read more.

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