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Zoos have more bad things than good things. Discuss

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"Zoos have more bad things than good things" Visiting zoos have been an entertaining and learning experience throughout the years. We have been able to watch a great variety of animal species, some in the verge of extinction. There have been many births of animals in captivity that otherwise could have been dangerous in their habitat. One good thing about zoos is that people that can't afford to visit them in their environments can easily have access to this experience. But although zoos create many favorable conditions for all the species of animals, they can also create dangerous situations. Visitors are not conscientious about their needs and feed them with junk food and other objects, which can be detrimental to their health. Animals in zoos are forced to live in artificial, stressful, and really boring conditions. I say that it is better to leave them to live in their natural habitat, where they belong, since they live in wide open spaces. But in zoos, they are kept in small, restrictive environments that deny them of mental and physical development. ...read more.


Many animals held in captivity begin to form strange symptoms called "zoochosis." These unstable and uncommon behaviors can cause boredom, depression and frustration. Indications of zoochosis include: * Bar Biting * Coprophagia (Consuming and playing with natural waste) * Self-mutilation * Circling * Rocking * Swaying * Pacing * Rolling, twisting, nodding of the neck or head * Vomiting * Frequent licking * Excessive grooming In their natural habitat, species develop ways of resisting to naturally occurring illnesses. Zoo animals usually do not form a way of resistance to the most ordinary of aliments and are more vulnerable to catching viruses that they would never encounter in the wild. Zoos look for baby animals, knowing that they are irresistible and cute to the public. When they grow older, andl less attractive to their owners, they will often be sold or killed. Animals that breed frequently, for example deers, tigers and lions, are sometimes sold to farms and ranches where hunters pay to kill them. This is simply devastating, and unfair! Zoos also sometimes sell aging animals, besides, while sanctuaries generally provide shelter to animals in need of care with other members ...read more.


The true reason for the problem was that the zoo did not have enough space in the elephant's exhibit for the elephants to have full movement in their daily activities. The other surviving Asian elephant now has a similar condition. The other elephants in the zoo, African elephants, are also suffering from problems similar to Calle's. The zoo gave her painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs for years. Calle was dosed with unnecessary drugs and given unnecessary treatments. If the zoo had put the elephant in a safe sanctuary she might still be living. The drugs used, covered the illnesses so the public wouldn't notice. "Immediately send them to sanctuaries before it's too late." The Commission of Animals Control and Welfare warned after the elephant's death, but the zoo refused. My answer to whether or not zoos are always best for animals is no." Website: http://sd71.bc.ca/sd71/school/courtmid/2004_student_web/7_1/3_g_sheldon/zoos_good_or_bad.htm I agree with this person, and in my honest opinion is that before doing this essay I wasn't aware about all the disadvantages zoos can have, but after investigating I have learned about them. This essay has changed my way of seeing things about zoos and facilities for animals in captivity. Zoos are unfair and cruel, in many ways. Sources: http://www.icanimal.org/cmpgn/cmpgn_019.htm ...read more.

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