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A Bad Experience.

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A BAD EXPERIENCE FICTION COURSEWORK - BY Bradley Day Earlier this year I told my children, Jack and Jill who are 13 and 14 years of age about a bad experience that happened to me when I was 18, and how survival is very important. My mates and I decided to go on holiday together for the first time without our parents. We booked a cruise ship to the Caribbean. When we boarded the ship we found there was plenty to do lots of activities during the day and night. The bars where open all night so unfortunately I drunk far too much. I could not get use to the motion of the ship, so early hours in the morning I liked to walk around the deck and look out at the complete darkness except for the occasional passing vessel on the horizon to help me sleep. One night while I was out walking alone it started raining which caused me to slip and bang my head. ...read more.


I knew I had to find some shade being fair skinned. After walking for sometime along the edge of the coastline under cover of the trees I started to feel very thirsty and hungry. I looked around for something to eat or drink, I decided I would have to climb a tree and get a coconut, this was not going to be easy as I was feeling weak and feeble from my ordeal. Eventually, driven by determination and hunger I managed to climb up and dislodge a ripe coconut, which when it fell from such a height smashed into a rock and split open. Feeling refreshed from the milk of the coconut I decided to venture further inland. I found a metal hut hidden within a small clearing of tropical undergrowth when I looked inside I found a skeleton of an animal of some kind most likely a dog. The skeleton what ever it was could not have built the hut, so someone at sometime had also been here. ...read more.


I cut down tree branches with an axe shaped weapon made from some of the sharp metal, wood for a handle and tied them together with rope. The branches I bound together with the rope to make a square shaped raft. I then covered it with layers and layers of palm leaves so that it was fully water proof, with the remaining metal and wood I was able to make some paddles. So, I was on my way and soon found myself dropping off to sleep. The next thing I knew I woke up to the brightness of the lights of a ship, its huge hull towered above me, people shouting and pointing down at me. The crew threw down a rope ladder. As I climbed, on trembling legs up the side of the ship, I noticed its name 'THE GOOD MARY' the ship from which I had fallen several days ago. My mates were there to greet me. Everyone had questions about what I had been through and telling me they thought I had drowned, it was all a haze. Till this day I not sure exactly what happened, but am glad I was able to survive. ...read more.

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