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A Bad Idea. As we started making our way to the cash Bedrejo 2 register, Gerald and I came up with the idea to steal the ties. I mean come on, theyre just ties. They are small and can be hidden very easily.

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Jared Bedrejo Professor Bachmann English 1A-3316 25 February 2012 A Bad Idea Money is not free and it does not grow on trees. With our economy today, money is an extremely valued item and leads people to do ignorant actions when it is not present. In my case, that is exactly why I did what I did. Although part of me regrets it, the other part of me is happy with what I did. We all make mistakes throughout our entire lives and it is through these mistakes that make each and every one of us stronger and smarter. It was a few weeks before my friends 18th birthday debut party. She had a cotillion put together consisting of nine guys and nine girls. This cotillion shared a dress code. All of us guys had to wear the same color suit and tie and the girls had to wear the same colored dresses. One weekend, we all went out together to go shopping for our outfits. We split up into smaller groups of about six people. The color scheme of the party was purple. So our goal was to find ties that were purple. It was actually pretty hard to find a purple tie that was exactly what she wanted the guys to wear. ...read more.


When finding this out, I felt an immediate relief rush through my body. I just got away with stealing something. Unfortunately, past the detectors was as far as I could go. Two men appearing to be security guards found us and took us into a somewhat holding place for people who do actions like this. We were caught. At first I panicked that we were caught and mentally beat myself up for what I just did and momentarily tried to find solutions to our problem. During our walk to the holding room, I eventually accepted the fact that we were caught red handed on tape. It was very embarrassing and such a disappointment to Gerald and myself. They questioned us and pretty much gave us a lecture on how what we did was wrong and that there were serious Bedrejo 3 consequences. They explained to us how if we were eighteen we would have went straight to the city jail, but since we were sixteen, they called our parents along with the police. Knowing that they were going to call our parents, I entered a mode of shock and was extremely scared for my mom to pick me up knowing what I just did. ...read more.


It was tough finding a school that would accept me because I left in the middle of the year. Driving home from school that day I was asked to leave was completely miserable. I felt like my life was over and that there was no more hope. I wasn't going to graduate from high school and my career dreams would never come true. Fortunately, there was a school that was willing to accept me. It was Mary Star of the Sea in San Pedro. It was a small Catholic high school that was very religious centered. The students there were also required to wear uniforms such as Bishop Montgomery. Moving schools was such a hard adjustment. I barely knew anyone and it was hard to get used to the environment. Eventually after a few months, I began to settle and make friends based off of common interests. I then realized that moving wasn't so bad after all. My life during this time was hard, stressful and disappointing. I made a lot of mistakes that I regretted at the time. But now that I look at it, it was those mistakes I made that strengthened my character and made me more mature. I can truly say now that I have learned from my mistakes and will never make them again. ...read more.

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