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'A Bird's Eye View' It was a long summer's day and the faint breeze blowing at me, but refreshing me as I passed under a tree. I felt the relief

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'A Bird's Eye View' It was a long summer's day and the faint breeze blowing at me, but refreshing me as I passed under a tree. I felt the relief from the baking sun that was beating down on me and everything within reach. As I soared past the familiar sight, I had arrived to my home. I progressed swiftly up the spiral stone steps leading into a turret. It was strong and made out of roughly hewn, grey bricks, which at the present were quite rustic but charming. I could see for miles on end up here. The sky stretched out above me like an insipid blue sheet, every now and then, peppered with wispy, buoyant clouds that just seemed to hang there in the balance. The display beneath were merely squares and oblongs sewn together, it looked rather much like an enormous patched-work quilt. The fields were divided up with trees and hedges compiling of different greens and yellows. The cars and houses resembled little toys from a distance, and the farmers were ploughing through their rippling, satin-like fields, haymaking and patently getting ready for harvest. ...read more.


I looked sincerely at the family. "It's not a problem, we like having another creature in the house" remarked the mother. What she said bemused me a little, but I tried to keep a bemused look from creeping on to my face and instead gave a short smile back to the mother. "...but I'm going to have to let my father know, I mean he was expecting me yesterday, so would it be possible to use the telephone, it's just I can't seem to find my phone...?" I asked anxiously. "I'm sorry that won't be possible, the lines are all dead," said the father stiffly, and afterwards subsequently he walked off in a soldier-like manner. His loquacious nature had disappeared entirely. Now all the warmth of a loving family that I had felt the night before was gradually starting to vanish. When everyone else had finished breakfast, I was left there by myself. I hadn't felt out of place before but now I felt I was getting the cold shoulder. I wanted to get out of this place but I couldn't... or maybe I could. I couldn't possibly talk to these people again after that little display, so I rushed back up to my room and searched for my bag. ...read more.


But they didn't listen. *** I strained my eyes and searched further a field and saw a thin road stretching away into the distance like a grey ribbon. Everything was as calm as a summer's sea. The sun faded into a haze of amber and gold, filling the land with shadow. As I became restless and agitated, I peered down and immediately I felt a wave of dizziness and nausea wash over me. Everyone and everything was departing from the scene, abandoning me, all alone, deserted on top of a castle. I looked at the view for a few seconds but then a sudden wind gushed past me, which caused the flag to flap and my wings to spread. Nobody will ever notice that I'm gone, I'm all alone and no-one can know what I am. I've always wondered what it would be like to fly and now I actually can, I don't want to anymore. Every second I spend thinking about what everyone looks like. What my family look like, but I can't see them - I wouldn't be able to face them. Maybe one day a miracle will happen but in the mean time I can only wallow in my own pain. Although I still don't know why. Why? ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE Coursework: Creative Writing by Stephanie Liu ...read more.

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