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A Blast from the past

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A Blast from the past It was a dark eerie day exactly two weeks after the burial and I was aimlessly wandering up a winding, wet mossy path holding nothing but a bunch of chrisanthemums to put by the graves of the one's I love. It felt as though I was the only being walking the earth mourning as well as yearning for the lost one's; All of a sudden a feeling of anxiety came over me but it was'nt a bad feeling it was one that seemed to set me free as if I was waiting for something. While I was walking up the winding lonely path I looked up and saw a tall familuar figure standing at the side of the graves holding flowers. I ran fearlessly towards the graves to protect them, as I quote from the paper ''Local yobs vandalise headstones!!!'' but then the misterious figure moved away to a car pulling up but I rellentlessly pursued. As I caught up to the shady character I realised the familiarity and flashed back to the holiday I had when I was around six. ...read more.


They both asked "Were are you staying?" I replied "In a foster home" and then grandma said "That won't do!, you will have to come and stay with us in the hotel!" I did'nt protest because I hated being somewhere where I felt unwelcome or a birden. A few hours later I was walking up to the "Grand Lodging Hotel" were they were staying to pay them a visit or perhaps stay the night. Earlier at the home I packed my stuff secretly as fast as I could anticipating that I was going to be caught perhaps by one of the workers or maybe a social worker sent to assess me for re-homing; Anyway I was packed in fifteen minutes and out of there in five minutes. I eagerly ran down the road to meet my getaway bus when I realized I had left my passport behind along with my birth certificate in the head carers office. I figured I would get myself caught if I went back for them so I proceeded reguardless but I did'nt realize what a mistake that was. ...read more.


she nodded and he smiled then looked at me. That's when my heart broke into a thousand pieces knowing I could'nt go with them. I bursed into tears looking down towards the fllor and said "I don't think I can!" so gran put her hand on my knee and said "We understand" and I replied "It is'nt like that, it's the social services I don't think they would let me come with you!" then she asked "Why not?" but I did'nt reply but what I did do is what I would regret for years. I left not even with a goodbye or a thank you I just ran as far as I could for as long as I could. I did'nt return ever I just walked wherever there was somewhere I could stay, eat and sleep. In the following years there were searches and allsorts for me but I could'nt return or send a message. I am currently living on the streets in London with no money or a place to stay all I am is a shadow in the dark. The End ...read more.

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