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A Boy and His Dream !!!

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It must have all started when I was about ten years old; I was a young boy living in southern Galway , Ireland. It was a lovely, charming and somewhat picturesque environment where tranquillity was all around if you lived in the north that was. Now the north had many beautifully crafted cottages, bungalows and houses that every detail was perfect upon them these cottages, bungalows and houses each owned tremendously stunning gardens filled endlessly with exquisite roses, daffodils and pansies which stood collectively with an abundance of other enchanting and somewhat sweet flowers in every shade of colour imaginable. There was also a warm and quite jolly atmosphere flowing through the vast towns, cities and counties of the north. Lakes were also present and there were huge lochs as far as the eye could see, where fly fishermen fled to try their luck and hopefully taunt a famous trout of two onto there rods. On the outskirts the north was mainly countryside but on the inside parts of it were a lot more modern and structured into huge counties and cities. There were also a few substantial manors around the area too, which rich and dominant politicians, lawyers and so on lived in. It was a great place academically too as if you lived there you were almost certain academic success through the teachers who were renowned for their excellence in the schools that they taught. Later on in life you would have countless options and careers coming you're way in which would be the basis for you in further life. Even though a lot of people who lived there were obnoxious snobs who only cared about money and power they were still well thought of and some thought that they were legitimate businessmen also well respected individuals. They were respected what for one thing and one thing only there money and what they could do with it, as in the north the person with the most wealth was clearly the superior. ...read more.


He was now towering over me with the steel truncheon that he had just obtained from his room he punched me four or five times to the ribs I tried to wrestle him off of me but what can a ten year old boy do to a fully grown man who weighs almost eighteen stone. I quickly worked out that trying to wrestle him seemed to invigorate him making him even more angrier, he picked up the truncheon and swung it so many times at my upper body and head that I lost count I was now almost unconscious but he still picked me up and with one hand tossed me a few metres onto the grass. When I hit the floor everything went black and the last thing I remember was the now blood red truncheon being slammed to the floor and all the blood which was now pouring and gushing out of my face head and body. I had regained consciousness about an hour later I had a strange numbness which was all around my face and head, battered bruised and bleeding I trundled up to my room to witness my injuries face to face screaming in agony I collapsed on my bed. In the most excruciating pain I was just willing myself to get through it. I had two gaping holes to the left of my head pouring with blood; three of my ribs had been snapped in half also my face had swollen up to twice its normal size. I knew very well that the injuries that I had sustained were so severe and that it was crucial that I didn't lose consciousness again. Luckily for me my mother had just got back from her shopping and also had finished her course in first aid, even though my injuries were beyond my mother she did the best she could. She assured me that if she followed procedure correctly then I would be fine after five our six months rest that is. ...read more.


I had for filled my destiny and proved that actions speak louder than words, showing what I had to offer to rugby silenced many critics with their ridiculous opinions. There is a saying in rugby, when you put on the shirt of your country it is never yours you only borrow it for that specific game you should count yourself lucky for having it and give everything in the game, as there is always a more talented player on his way. I used to visit my mother regularly but couldn't see my father as he was in prison for an alcohol related crime. My mother was extremely proud to have me as her son and backed me all the way but on the other hand my father acting in the manor of which he did turned out quite well in the long run. It only provided me with even more of a will to move forward and the ability to drive me to the top. I am now but a withering old man and at seventy-five my rugby days our sadly up but I am enjoying life, and thankful for every day that I wake up in the morning and to a nice cup of coffee. I've had an especially nice life and am happy with what I have accomplished all them years ago, I have met some lovely people in life and some not so nice ones too but would give any thing to put on a green, Irish shirt once again and to feel nervous before a big game also the feeling of intensity when the crowd scream your name and how great that really feels because unless you've experienced it for yourself its truly remarkable and indescribable experience. One thing that will also always remember is that I didn't have a set of boots until I was twenty years old. I suppose I have memories but Id love to relive those feelings again, I will now concentrate on relaxing and making life easy to the end of my days. By TIM MCSHARRY!!! ...read more.

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