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A Boy and His Secret Place.

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A Boy and His Secret Place Once upon a time there was a little boy called Saldar Khan. He was a strange little boy and had fascinations for odd things. One hot sunny day he was sitting in the garden lazing around, he looked around in the garden and thought to him self that his life is so boring, whilst thinking this a beautiful golden butterfly flew in. Which had black patterns in its wings that dazzled in the sun. The black patterns were silky and reflected violet, red and blue light in a strange manner. Saldar was fascinated with this incredible creature and tried to catch it but couldn't as the butterfly flew in to the next door neighbour's house. He still kept on chasing the butterfly in his neighbour's garden trying to catch it, he was running without looking ahead, just looking at the butterfly. The way the wings dazzled in the sun, all of a sudden there was a bang! He had collided with the next door neighbour's kid and they both landed on the floor. Saldar still looking at the butterfly, the neighbour's kid Jalal looked at Saldar, Saldar still looking at the butterfly. ...read more.


Later, he started using the nail sharpener to do the finishing touches. The Secret Place was closed with a neat piece of trunk so that even the cut would not be visible from a distance. He loved his Secret Place. He spent hours thinking about what to hide there. Every morning, he would run to his Secret Place soon after breakfast and hide something. It could be a marble, matchbox, dice, nail, scissors, paper, pen, stone, or anything that fascinated him. In the evening, he would go there again to check whether his treasure was intact or not. He changed his treasure almost daily. Shaine his mother was taking a walk in her garden in the evening. Saldar had come home from school and had finished his snacks. Now she had a little bit of free time. So she decided to relax in her garden and enjoy the evening breeze, which was blowing quite softly. She enjoyed the company of flowers and evening birds, returning home from their daily adventures. It gave her a peace of mind tinged with joy and a strange sense of freedom. Then she noticed Saldar playing around the old oak tree. ...read more.


Suddenly, the door got jammed and could not be opened from inside. He shouted for help, but Shaine was working in the kitchen. He could barely crouch inside it. He tried with all his might to open it. He pushed with his hands and kicked his legs. He began to sweat. He began to feel very afraid. He started weeping and shouting. Shaine realised the silence only after sometime. She started looking for Saldar. Luckily, she heard some mumbling from the guestroom. She realised that Saldar was locked inside the cupboard. She pulled hard and opened it. Saldar jumped out and hugged her. He was crying with fear written all over his face. "Saldar! Saldar!" came Jalal's call again. Saldar ran to the gate. "I've got a butterfly for you. You can keep it." He ran back to his house. Saldar not wanting to take it took the butterfly in his hands and looked at it carefully. It was fluttering hard to escape from his hand. He walked slowly to his Secret Place. As he reached the silent old oak tree, he started feeling guilty again. He stood silently with the butterfly and stared at the butterfly for a long time. Then, he released it from his hand and it started flying from one wild bush to next. Saldar smiled and walked off inside. The End English Course work 1 ...read more.

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