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A boy wearing spectacles who was very fat and dressed in what looked like a school uniform

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Original Writing A boy wearing spectacles who was very fat and dressed in what looked like a school uniform, found himself lying on a long white beach. He sat up rubbing the back of his head, which he must have bumped. He looked out to the ocean wondering where on earth he could be. The last thing he could remember was looking out the plane window and seeing the wing on fire. He must have blacked out then. He wiped the sweat away from his brow, as it was the hottest weather he had ever been in. After a while of sitting there and looking out into the ocean, The fat boy pulled himself up, and looked around. Behind him all he saw was thick forest, with palm trees and weird looking plants which he had never seen or heard of before. He felt starving hungry, so he decided to go and look for something to eat. As he started to venture into the forest, He saw weird looking fruits that were just in arms reach, so he picked a few down, and started to eat them. He liked the taste, so he picked some more. He then heard a rustling in undergrowth next to him. Someone was coming! He thought that it could be another person from the plane crash so he shouted out into the undergrowth, "Hi!" ...read more.


His auntie had told him he wasn't allowed to swim because of his asthma so he had never swum before. Ralph swam very graciously and well. Ralph had taken his clothes off, so, with a decision Piggy decided to as well. "There!" Piggy said to himself, when he had finished. "Aren't you going to swim then?" Ralph asked Piggy demandingly. Piggy explained to him about his auntie. "Sucks to your auntie!" Ralph replied. Piggy hesitated but eventually got into the water and he stood waist deep and stayed there. Piggy watched Ralph dive under and swim about on the surface. "How can you swim so well?" Piggy looked at him with bewilderment on his face. "My Dad taught me. He's in the navy and he'll come and rescue us." Ralph said undoubtedly. Piggy thought for a moment then said, "how does he know where we are?" There was a pause then Ralph said, "I just know he'll come," and he dived under water. When they had both got out of the water, they sat down on a rock and they put on their clothes. "We got to do something." Piggy said to Ralph. He said nothing. "We have to get everybody together. Do you know how many of us there are?" "No." ...read more.


He turned to Ralph who was sitting down on a rock holding the conch in his lap. The boy turned away from Ralph and examined the rest of the group. This boy had ginger hair, was quite tall and skinny and his face was plastered with freckles. "Where's the ship?" "There is no ship." Ralph looked up at him. The other boys that came with this boy were standing still in formation. They were all fully clothed and looked pale and giddy from the heat. "Where are the adults?" "There are none." Ralph replied. "Were having a meeting, join in." After, Jack (the ginger haired boy (he had told them his name)) had finally let his choir break from the formation. They decided that they needed a chief, to sort out how they were going to be rescued. Immediately Jack sprung up his hand and said "I should be chief!" But one of the choir boys said they should have a vote. Everybody agreed much to Jacks disappointment. Piggy knew that Ralph would be voted for, just because Jack was so arrogant and Piggy knew they wouldn't vote for him because he was so fat. Ralph then said, "who wants to vote for Jack?" His choir slowly raised their hand with obedience. Nobody else did. "Who wants to vote for me?" the crowd raised their hands. "That's sorted then. I'm chief." ...read more.

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