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A Brief Encounter.

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A Brief Encounter The sun was beaming down onto the hills of Konstanz, a small and low-lying village, very close to the border with Switzerland. The men were walking to the station. They had been walking a long way and were very tired. It was late in the evening. They stopped off at a small caf´┐Ż where they ordered some water and some crisps each. They paid and walked the final few metres until they arrived at the small and derelict station. There, they were stopped by a small group of soldiers, wearing their green, olive-coloured suits. They asked the men for their papers. The men handed their tatty papers over very reluctantly. They checked the papers and then told the exhausted men that they were not allowed to cross and that they had to see the general of the area. The tired men slowly walked the few steps across the battered platform, accompanied by the tired soldiers. On the other side of road, there was a small, brick-walled hut. ...read more.


Go on then, why?' said Raphael. 'The general from the camp in Munich has told others, and me, that three men of French origin have escaped. They match your figures and so I have to enquire as to who they are. He did not say any names so I will phone him now. If you could wait for a second or two,' he replied. He picked up the phone from the other side of his wooden desk. He dialled the number carefully and slowly. He then listened in. 'Ah, hello, is that General Heimlich?' he enquired. 'Yes,' was the reply from the other end. 'Hello, this is General Fuser, here in Konstanz,' he replied. 'I have three young men here, who say that they are French. They say that they are visiting some friends in Zurich. What are their names? 'Francois, Raphael and Danni. They must be returned to Munich,' he replied. 'Ok, thanks, bye,' he responded. He put the phone down onto the desk quietly. ...read more.


'You will face a bad punishment,' he said to them. 'I think that two weeks isolation will do you a bit of good. If you do it again and then get caught, you will be in front of a firing squad.' They looked around the room with a sense of concern. It was cold and windy outside and the only light was from a car over the hills in the distance. 'Do you hear me,' he shouted to them. 'Yes,' they said timidly. 'You will be monitored very closely by the soldiers, and I will see you every two days. Also, there will be cabin checks every week,' he said very angrily. 'You have caused me enough trouble, and you will be punished.' 'Understand?' 'Yes,' they replied quietly. The fugitives walked out of the room escorted by soldiers. When they neared the entrance, there was a huge cheer for them. The distraught men walked into the compound, surrounded by captives, congratulating them on what they had done. General Heimlich stood outside his office, pondering what to do with them next. Richard Stafford MS RPDF 05/05/2007 Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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