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A brilliant example of a light-hearted love poem is the Post 20th Century poem 'I wanna be yours', by John Cooper Clarke.

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Love poetry, like love itself, can be light-hearted, heavy-hearted or passionate. In this essay I will talk about these three categories of poems and the differences between them. A brilliant example of a light-hearted love poem is the Post 20th Century poem 'I wanna be yours', by John Cooper Clarke. We can tell straight away that it is light-hearted because of the way the title is written. This poem has no punctuation. This speeds up the poem and goes straight to the point that he wants to be hers. It sounds almost like a song and is very easy and simple to read and understand. We can see that it is a very modern poem because the author puts lots of everyday objects into it such as "vacuum cleaner", "coffee pot", and "teddy bear". He also does this to show her how he wants to be a part of her everyday life. He repeats the word "your" to show his deep love for her and he keeps telling her that he wants to hers and tries to emphasise it as much as possible. He says, "let me be your Ford Cortina", to describe himself. ...read more.


He is trying to tell her that as the numbers get bigger, his love increases with it. He is very patient at first, and wants to describe to her how much she means to him. In lines 11 to 17 he talks sexually, saying how his "vegetable love should grow". He says he will look at each of her breasts for two hundred years each, and thirty thousand for the rest of her body. He is showing her how much he adores her. He wants to get closer and more intimate with her. At line 21 there is a change of tone as he uses the word 'but'. He says that "time's winged chariot is hurrying near". He is trying to speed things up now. He is rushing her for an answer and is getting more impatient. He tells her to be with him before it is to late. He is nearly threatening her that if she does not hurry, she will die, and worms will take away her virginity when she is buried underground. He does not want this to happen to her and makes it as revolting as possible for her. He loves her so much and really does not want this to happen to her, he will care for her and give her all the attention and satisfy her. ...read more.


All she needs is a Prince, but there is one problem with this prince. He is a typical man, and doesn't know what to say and doesn't no how to her give her what she wants. He tries to control the relationship after they have had sex .he believes that he now has the right and can do what he likes with her. All he needs to say to her is that he loves her. He makes a stab at it but fails miserably and then starts guessing. She is very frustrated and stamps her foot into the floorboards. She finally realises that she isn't going to get what wants. She has had enough and has lost it all now. She has put up with him so much and backed him up and helped him, but he has been an ignorant fool. All the passion has now faded away, but there was once a roaring flame in them both. Overall I have found that there are many different poems that refer to the question that love poetry, like love itself, can be light-hearted, heavy-hearted or passionate. There are also many different sides and types to all this which explain the different aspects of love. English Coursework ...read more.

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