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A case of revenge - Adam's heart ranked with bitterness. He suspected who the Criminal was, but he needed evidence and now he got one.

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Adam's heart ranked with bitterness. He suspected who the Criminal was, but he needed evidence and now he got one. Going through the last pages of his mothers diary Adam uncovered the truth. " it is him" he said, biting his lower lip till he tasted his own blood , "he was cheating on my mother" and when she found out and insisted on divorce he could not do that, everyone in the village would hear about it, people will ask questions. Divorce is scandalous and damaging in Bongo village. "If he could not manage his own family," The people would say, "how can he be trusted with the village?" Every thing was as clear as break of day for Adam. So he decide to take the law in to his own hands, and after all revenging for your mother is justice in the face of the law. Adam glanced at the diary one last time tucked it under his pants and disappeared in to the night. In the overgrown bush beside the narrow path that leads to the small mosque, Adam sat uneasily in the midst of pitch darkness. ...read more.


This was an attack Adam had prepared and with a lightning-like squirming movement he swung himself half free with Hussein's huge hands linking his throat, he drew back his knife for the fatal plunge. As he managed to push two hundred pounds of himself, a beam of light hit him in the eyes and almost blinded him. In an instant ten men were on top of him while Adam was partly off his guard the first man came at him with a powerful swing of a club. Adam fell in to the water and went unconscious. It was morning after Adam woke up he lay in a small cage. There was a squared jawed man standing at the other side of the cage, "he is awake," he called. Four men with handcuffs appeared they grabbed him under the shoulders and led him to an ancient derelict-like building which read. "Court Room." The men knocked the door and it was opened instantly. The silence in the dark and shabby room was so loud it was almost waiting to be shattered. ...read more.


His body made an attempt of resistance but his hands and feet find no friction. The windows to his soul are shut and he is trapped unable to speak. Adam's head was placed upon the rest. The bull-like man pulled a shiny black mask over his face with great dignity. He picked up the magnificent sword, even in this room the sword still glowed Death was sliding from the damp lifeless walls, looking upon his next victim. His smirk was growing bigger by the second. Half dead he crawled down onto the floor. Blood surrounding him from the previous criminals.. Death now staring his next child in the eyes coldly. The sword is drawn back behind the masked man's head. It swoops down fiercely. Almost in slow motion the sword breaks the surface of the skin. Then cracks the spine. The head fell and hit the ground with a hard thud, piercing the eardrums. Blood spurted from his headless body, staining the dust. The blood now trickling. Now stopped, and the room silent once more. Death is pleased and disappears into the moist, misty air. Until the next time. GCSE Short Story 1 Abdinuur Guushaa ...read more.

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