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a case study on smoking and it's effects

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Introduction My essay is about why smoking is bad for you and should it have been banned in public places? Smoking is the single largest cause of cancer in the UK. It causes 9 out of 10 cases of lung cancer and is also a big risk factor cancer of the bladder, kidney, mouth and many more. I am going to look at the effects of smoking and also looking at whether it should it have been banned in public places. Page One - History Of Smoking Page Two - Why is it bad for you? Page Three - Why is it bad for you cont. (science) Page Four - Passive Smoking What is it? What Problems Does It Cause? Page Five - probs of smoking. Page Six - Smoking in public places Page Eight - For smoking in public places Page Nine - Aganst smoking in public places Page Ten - Evaluation of the two arguments Page Eleven - My Opinion Page Twelve - Bibliography and Reliability of Sources. Page Thirteen - Bibliography cont. Only 11 pages Sort it out in the morning!! History Of Smoking (using source 15) Smoking has been around for centuries, and this is one of the main reasons smoking is still so popular today. The first record of smoking is from 600AD where pictures of tobacco being smoked has been found on Guatemalan pottery. However historians believe that before that tobacco was first used by the native Americans, in which they used smoked tobacco for medicine and cerimonies. When Christopher Columbus went to America in 1492 he brought tobacco leaves and seeds with him back to Europe. However in the same year, the spanish explorers Jerez and Luis de Torres are credited with first observing smoking. Jerez becomes a smoker and then takes the habit back to Spain, where, the popularity of Smoking grew. Then from 1492, people in Europe began to cultivate tobacco, firstly in Santo Domingo and later on in countries like Brazil. ...read more.


Smoking also increases with boredom as most smokers that were asked said that they tended to sit down and have a cigarette more when they were bored. Some smokers also report feeling 'stressed' when they are unable to have a cigarette. This is due to nicotine withdrawal as their brains crave another fix of nicotine. Passive Smoking Passive Smoking, also known as secondhand smoking. Secondhand smoking is a mixture of gases and particles that includes smoke from the smoldering end of a cigarette (or cigar) and smoke breathed out by the smoker. 85% of the pollution comes from the cigarettes smouldering tip. The general public does not realise how much smoke their bodies are taking in. Recent studies have shown that exposure to tobacco smoke, causes death, disease and disability (as written in by the World Heath Organisation in Geneva Switzerland, source 2). According to the surgeon generals report, there is 'no risk free level to second hand smoke' and studies show that most secondhand smoke is inhailed in the workplace, private vehicles or in the home. Even with a window open, the smoke pervades invisibly around the home, working place or car so the public are not aware of what they are inhailing. Immidiate effects of passive smoking include: eye irritation, sore throats and coughing. Headaches occur as oxygen levels drop and also dizzyness. Nausea can occur as acid levels in the stomach drop. Also, people who are prone to asthma may have an attack. This is why passive smoking is so dangerous. Passive smoking does not discriminate against age and any child raised in the household of a smoker will suffer from the effects of passive smoking. During pregnancy nicotine and other harmful chemicals cross over the placenta in the maternal bloodstream, and may cause problems in the developing foetus leading to possible birth deformaties and low birth weight along with weakened lungs, due to lack of development. ...read more.


2 - http://www.who.int/tobacco/framework/WHO_FCTC_english.pdf Page 14, Article 8. A section from the World Heath Organisation in Geneva Switzerland. The first international treaty on public heath adopted by 192 countries and signed by 168. A very reliable document from the World Heath Organisation, this source illustrates the convention on Tobacco Control. In article 8:1 it states that "Parties recognize that scientific evidence has unequivocally established that exposure to tobacco causes death, disease and disability" Second Hand Smoking Links. 3 - a) http://www.surgeongeneral.gov/news/speeches/06272006a.html 3 - b) http://www.surgeongeneral.gov/library/secondhandsmoke/factsheets/factsheet6.html a) Conference remarks as prepaired by Vice Admiral Cormona, the United States Surgoen General, on the involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke. b) The six major conclusions of the above report and the supporting evidence to prove it. A fairly reliable source. Reliable reasearch as it has been funded unbias by the government and as it was carried out by the government it has to be fair, however this evidence is used in a bias way. Admiral Carmona himself is bias as it is appears to me that he is very against second hand smoking. 4 - http://www.surgeongeneral.gov/library/secondhandsmoke/factsheets/factsheet1.html a fact sheet from a government website on what secondhand smoking is. It appears to be reliable and states opinions and was last revised on the 7th Janurary 2007, only months ago. 5 - http://www.surgeongbeneral.gov/library/secondhandsmoke/secondhandsmoke.pdf (this link doesn't appear to work anymore) a booklet outlining the dangers of second hand smoke and its effects on the body.The reasearch in this booklet is reliable as it has been carried out fairly by the U.S government. However the opinions in this booklet are extremly bias against smoking and states that something is harmful and will hurt someone when it is only more likely due to secondhand smoke. 6- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passive_smoking The wikipedia page about second hand smoking. Very reliable as it uses many reliable sources and shows them at the bottom with their reliability. 7 - http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/Factsheets/SecondhandSmoke.htm 8 - http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/Factsheets/SecondhandTrends.htm 9 - http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/Factsheets/SecondhandSmoke.htm A government fact sheets about second hand smoking. Very reliable as it only states facts and statistics with no bias. ...read more.

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