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A Character Study of Curley's Wife And The Role of Women.

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A Character Study of Curley's Wife And The Role of Women In this study, I'm going to do a character study of Curley's wife and the role of women. I'm going to study how Curley's wife acts and how she behaves. I will also write about what she says and what other character's say about her, and their reactions about her. This essay is supposed to show you what Curley's wife does and how the people react to it. This is a great novel by John Steinbeck to show the differences of the role of women and how they talked. Most importantly to see what I've learnt from this extraordinary novel. Steinbeck introduced Curley's wife as a tart. And if Curley's using her for sex-glove full of Vaseline. Steinbeck introduced Curley's wife, when Candy was telling George and Lennie 'she's purty, but got the eye'. This gives me the impression that Curley's wife is not really in love with Curley and that she gives a lot of the men on the branch the eye. In doing so Curley's wife is lonely, she had no-one to talk to (this is because no ladies are on the branch). When she believes she could of made something of her-self in the movie industry. So in a way this makes her look like her tart, but in fact she is lonely. ...read more.


Lennie didn't care about what she was saying he thought she was purty and nice. In those day there was a lot of sexism, this is because females in those day were like a possession to their husbands. I n those days men were the dominant sex, men made girls stay at home men expected food when they came back from work, men expected for the house to be clean, men expected for their children to be take care of , men expected to have sex when ever they wanted. This isn't fair but Curley's wife had to deal with it. That's why she gives other men the eye. Curley/s wife had her own path in life but her mum stopped. So she just married Curley for the sake of it. Sexism was discriminated towards women, but in those days men didn't care, and ladies were scared to say anything. Curley's wife has hatred towards her husband Curley and especially hatred towards her mother. The reason for hating Curley is cause she really never loved him. The reason for hating her mother is cause she says ' I live right in Salinas. Come there when I was a kid. Well a show come through, an' I met one of the actors. He says I could go with that show. ...read more.


My thought towards the book is good I sometimes think how Lennie and George's life were but then I realise that they weren't real. But the book fascinates me. During the book Curley's wife character develops in beginning she really makes herself look like a whore and that she is desperate to get attention. But while you go into the book you see that she is a trapped girl on a men's branch. You also realise she's bored got nothing to do. So she walks around the branch all day trying to get attention. I really feel sorry for her cause she had a dream which all most came true but got shattered by her 'mother' and that she really want attention and to get the attention she acts like a whore. I really did fell sorry for this girl. I felt sorry when Lennie accidentally killed her. She didn't deserve to die like that. I also felt sorry for her cause she was having sex with a man she didn't love and that people said bad stuff about her, when really she was pleading for attention. The book really inspired me and before I read this book I never heard of John Steinback now I classify him of one of my favourite writers. This book of' Mice and Men' is a fascinating book and has taught me a lot of things. I would also like to say John Steinback's description of Curley's wife is a magnificent piece of work. By Joseph Zere ...read more.

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