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A Child Memory

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Untold Memories There was silence...The irritating alarm clock didn't wake up, leaving me in the peace and quiet. I laid in my bed, stretching my arms and legs while listening to the singing of the beautiful birds outside my window. A calm breeze of fresh air rushed through my toes. STOMP...STOMP...The beast had awoken. My sinister brother ran downstairs with a thunderous racket that forced me to my sleepy feet. My overly stressed body was suddenly relaxed by a scintillating smell from the kitchen that gradually flowed upstairs to my bedroom. Possessed by the irresistible smell of my mothers cooking, I strolled down the steep stairs to arrive in the kitchen. 'Hmm delicious' my brother exclaimed. My breakfast had disappeared off the dining room table. My fluffy scrambled eggs; my sizzling sausages and even my homemade orange juice had all been eaten. My nasty brother knew it was my breakfast. This event wasn't unusual as it wasn't hard for him to manipulate me as I was only 6 at the time while he was 12. He rose to his beastly feet and walked towards me, licking his greedy lips, with the dirty plate and empty glass in his hands and dropped them into mine. ...read more.


My friend and I didn't dare go near them. We avoided the terrifying rollercoaster's and headed straight towards our favourite section of the park- the water rides. We had hours of enjoyment there. We also spoiled ourselves with the clawing sweetness of fluffy clouds of candyfloss and sickly sweet fizzy drink. I was suddenly confronted by my brother and his friends as I leapt from the log fume. He immediately clutched my shirt and pushed me into the circle of jeering so called friends of his. He then grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and dragged me towards the latest thrill-seeker, STEALTH! He thought it would be amusing to make me suffer the enduring nightmare of the fastest rollercoaster that banked at speeds so in-comprehendible, I didn't dare to ask. This was his retaliation for me informing our mother of his constant meanness towards me. I was strapped into my seat shivering with trepidation. My brother was giggling as he knew of what laid before me. My white knuckles gripped the bar ahead. My ashen face was covered with beads of sweat dripping down my forehead. ...read more.


My mother is always so clever when we fly, not only does she provide me with my favourite nibbles but some delicious smoked salmon sandwiches. Not to mention the fantastic choice of movies on offer that had just left the cinema. Coming towards the end of the flight, we were told to fasten our seatbelts. Coincidently, I was desperate for the loo and it wasn't at least fifteen minutes until landing. So I swiftly got out of my seat and headed towards the cubicle, only to be halted by one of the hostess and asked to return to my seat. We drove a 3 tiring hours from their house in Miami, all the way to Orlando-getting lost on the way countless times but we soon arrived at the place I had always dreamed of going to-Disney World. From there on, we voyaged back towards the coast, where we were confronted by immeasurable expanses of marshland. I didn't think there would be very much to keep us entertained, but we managed to spend the whole day exploring the marshlands in a Hover Craft, catching glimpses of alligators manoeuvring through the laces of ballrushes ready to pounce on their nearest prey. After a breathtaking day, we drove through the long drowsy night. The dense fog made visibility a struggle. ...read more.

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