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A Chilling Story.

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By Ali Hayat 10f A Chilling Story Chapter One No one knew what had happened that night. The entire town was still in too much shock to accept the fact that a nice residential home can be a part of the evil that dwelled in the underworld. Newspapers referred to Creekhowel as a pleasant, quite and peaceful town. With all its residents` acquainted with one another, rarely or never did arguments break out. The atmosphere of Creekhowel could be described as silent where there was no screaming or shouting of children, you can just hear the nice breeze of the wind blowing against the window's of the houses. No one in the town had an explanation for the results that occurred in 102 Mellow Road, everyone assumed that the family wished to be isolated. ...read more.


The houses on that road were all attractive and beautiful, all the houses were semi-detached and had front gardens, patios and some had garages besides their house. The street turning was Mellow Road. The family stopped at a huge ancient-looking house. It consisted of a patio; the woodworks of the house were wearing off. It gave a very dull haunting image. Mr. Peat the father approached the front door. He took the key from his pocket and unlocked the door, as he had opened the door he heard dog's barking and wolves howling. Mrs. Peat was walking towards the front door left to right wearing high heel shoes behind her husband. She was tall and had an oval shaped face, she had a crooked nose and long black hair, which was curled from the bottom. ...read more.


The centre table in the room was made from wood. On the walls there were some portrait's that were hanging by old rusty nails. Some of the portraits were of some famous people, who had done good things in the world for example William Shakespeare. The flooring of the sitting room was made from floorboards and the shandles in the room were covered with cobwebs. In the entire house there was only one book, which was situated in the centre of the sitting room, which was lying on the floor, the book was dusty and had borders on every page. The language used in the book was written in Latin. Further away from the book laid a dead spider. Was there a link between the two things, why were they there? For what reason? ...read more.

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