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a christmas carol

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A Christmas Carol A christmas carol was written in 1843. The message Dickens was trying to sed across to wealthy people was that they should think about others instead of just themselves, and to show how the living conditions are for poor people. Dickens attitude to the poor was that they don't deserve to live in the conditions they live in, and that christmas time should be a time for them to share with their loved ones. Dickens' own experience helped form this attitude because when he was 12 years old he was sent to a working house were he worked with very poor and sick children. A christmas carol was received by the victorian public through Dickens popularity and books that he wrote. In the Victorian times people loved Dickens' christmas books because they always related to their time. The beginning of the novel takes place in Scrooge's office. In the beginning, Scrooge feels christmas is nonsense and that it's a waste of time and money. Scrooge says to his nephew "whats christmas time to you but a time for paying bills with out money; a time for finding yourself a year older, but not an hour richer". ...read more.


The ghost of christmas past showed Scrooge his childhood, where he worked when his was a youth, how he fell in love and where he broke up with his fiance. He spent his christmas in boarding school, his family neglected him because they blamed him for the death of his mother. When Scrooge was a apprentice for Fezziwig's christmas was celebrated with a party, where all the staff would be invited. When Scrooge started to become more successful an making a lot of money, he started to think less about his fiance and only cared for his money. Where Belle is talking to Scrooge about how much he has changed. Scrooge says "there is nothing on which it is hard as poverty....". This tells us that Scrooge feels that there is nothing as bad as poverty. Scrooge and Belle were both poor when they fell in love and his saying that he doesn't want to live in poverty anymore. His attitude about christmas begins to change slightly because his seen all the things his missed out on. He says to the spirit "I cannot bear it!". Scrooge can't take another look at the past because his realising how much he really has lost rather than gained. ...read more.


When Scrooge woke up in the morning he was happy, glad and knew that he had changed, after all he had seen. He was thankful to the spirits for what they had shown him.When Scrooge wakes up he says "I will live in the past, present and future...the spirits of all three shall strive within me". Scrooge is greatful to the spirits and is saying that he will not forget what they have taught and shown him. Scrooge has transformed from how he was before. When he walk up and was wondering what the date was he says "...I'm quite a baby". This shows us that he has changed completely and that he has noticed the things he never noticed when he was a totally different person to how he is know. Scrooge's new views are representative of victorian attitudes towards christmas because christmas is a time everyone should be happy and share with family and friends. Scrooges's new views are also representatives of Dickens' own attitudes to christmas because, Dickens' attitude to christmas was a time for everyone to cheer up and be happy, and also think about others before they think about themselves. Scrooge in the end knows what christmas is all about. Scrooge shows Dickens attitude and Victorian attitudes towards christmas by sending the big turkey to Bob Cratchit and goinging his nephew for dinner. ...read more.

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