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A Christmas Carol.

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A Christmas Carol The story "A Christmas Carol" is based on an old man named Ebeneezer Scrooge. The story begins by Scrooge having no feelings for anything or anybody. Scrooge represents a tight fisted and stingy attitude towards people. Scrooge is greedy and heartless, showing no feeling for the Christmas spirit after he is visited by the ghost of his former business partner, Marley, he sees visions of his past, present and future that motivates him to become a kind and friendly individual who sends a turkey to his clerk Bob Cratchit and gives to Christmas charities generously. In this essay I will be writing about Scrooges attitude to Christmas, charity, family and other people in general. I will now write about Scrooge's attitude towards Christmas and contrast it to stave five. I will also explain which ghost caused him to change. In the first stave we can see that Scrooge is described as a very cold person who hates Christmas as he says the word "humbug" when people say merry Christmas to him. The reason for Scrooge's attitude to Christmas is that he believes that poor people don't have the right to merry as they do not have enough money. In stave five Scrooge wakes up in his bedroom and joyfully repeats his swears to learn from the lessons of the three ghosts. ...read more.


Although we can not hear want he is saying we can understand that he has donating a big amount of money as the other charity worker says "Lord bless me". I will now be discussing Scrooge's attitude towards families and write about how he changed in stave five. In the beginning of stave one Scrooge's nephew enters the shop to great Scrooge and to invite him to a Christmas dinner "Dine with us tomorrow". Although to the nephews good will Scrooge is very rude and impolite as he tells him he can not come and tells him to leave by saying "Good afternoon". In stave five he has changed a great deal as he goes to his nephew's house and asks if he could dine with them "Will you let me in Fred". This makes the family very happy as now they have got anew member. The ghost who probably influenced him the most was the ghost of Marley as he warns Scrooge that he is living the wrong way. He pays too much attention to his money and not enough attention to the people around him. Scrooge's interest should be in human beings, in helping them and loving them not in getting richer. Marley told Scrooge that he didn't learn until he became a ghost that charity and kindness were the important aspects of living, but by then it was too late. ...read more.


Scrooge can afford to pay Bob well, but instead he offers a low salary that keeps Bob and his family hardly fed and clothed. Even though to Scrooge's ignorance, Bob Cratchit drinks a Christmas toast to his employer's health. Scrooge's also sees his nephew, his only living relative a poor man, and although Scrooge could help his nephew out financially, he doesn't because he is too tight fisted. Even though, Fred wishes his uncle no ill will. In fact, he pities the old miser because he is alone and unloved. So overall I believe that the Christmas ghost of past changed him the most as he saw his past and decided to change. After the last ghost Scrooge became kind and became a second father to Tiny Tim. Scrooge also gets affected by other things like Fred being a model of joy, while Fezziwig adds to him of being a great friend and generous employer. Tiny Tim's courage and unselfishness help him to change as he sees the loving nature of the whole Cratchit family. Scrooge learns the lessons of the Christmas spirit through his visions of Christmases past, present, and future; in each he sees either the bad effects of his mean life or the good news that others bring about through their love and kindness. He never sees the ghosts again, but he keeps the spirit of Christmas alive in his heart. ...read more.

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