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A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol What do you find of interest in the way that Dickens presents characters in 'A Chrismas Carol' Dickens wanted to write the novel to seek out all Scrooges and to stop the divide between the rich and poorer people. Life in the author's time was very harsh, many children were already working on the streets, society was split up into poor and rich, and many people didn't care for others at all. When people read the story Dickens had hoped that they would feel sorry for the more unfortunate people than them at Christmas time. Dickens wanted to see society to be better at working together and helping people to become a community. Our first impression of Scrooge was that he was a nasty, "tight fisted", horrible, old man. He didn't care for anyone or anything other than the Scrooge and Marley business. Scrooge had a red frost bitten "pointed nose, a pair of red eyes, blue lips" from the cold from outside and within his frozen heart." He had a grating voice, a frosty head, icy eyebrows and a wiry chin". In a way Scrooge can be mistaken for the weather as when he is around people hide behind their coats and scarves and his frosted heart filled with no hope or spirit in anything but money. ...read more.


Dickens tells us that the clerk only earns fifteen shillings a week, and has a family to feed and take care of at Christmas time which would include buying them presents, Scrooge said "my clerk with fifteen shillings a week, and a wife and family, talking about a merry Christmas." Scrooge wasn't happy with the clerk on Christmas Eve when he asked for a day off, he said "it's not convenient, and it's not fair. If I was to stop half a crown for it, you'd think to yourself ill used, I'll be bound?" Meaning that scrooge thought it wasn't fair to 'pickpocket' a man for the sake of a 'holiday' that Scrooge didn't celebrate. At the bottom of page 19 Dickens tells us that the clerk is a very cheerful and happy person, because he mentions the clerk "sliding down a Cornhill twenty times in celebration of Christmas Eve." On page 16 Dickens mentions some charity workers trying to get some money from Scrooge to give to the poor, Scrooge doesn't care at all for the poor only that he made sure that the working facilities and prisons were in tact for the poor to get by with so he doesn't have to pay any money to them for he has no sympathy for any living creature. ...read more.


Scrooge admits to Jacob Marley's ghost that he doesn't believe in ghosts or that there's one sitting in his arm chair. When the ghost asks if Scrooge believes in ghosts he replies with "I don't". After this Marley's ghost becomes determined to make scrooge believe ghosts are real. When Scrooge asks Marley why he is fettered he replies, "I wear the chain I forged in life, I made it link by link and yard by yard; I girded it on my own free will, and on my own of my own free will I wore it. Meaning that he made it himself in life by caring for nothing but money. As Marley's ghost tells this, Scrooge trembles in fear. Later on the ghost warns Scrooge of three ghosts, Christmas past, present and future. Even later on scrooge tells us that Scrooge is no longer able to say "humbug" because Marley's ghost scared some Christmas spirit into him. I find of interest in 'A Christmas Carol' the fact that Dickens makes Scrooge stand out from all the other characters so much by making him the opposite of everyone, like his nephew Fred, his clerk Bob Cratchet, the charity workers and the carol singer who are all full of Christmas spirit. Yet at the end of the first stave dickens changes Scrooge's attitude and personality because "Scrooge can no longer say 'Humbug'". ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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