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A Christmas Carol - A picture of Victorian family life?

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A Christmas Carol The Story a Christmas Carol has many scenes with the idea of Children and Family being important in the Victorian era when really. This is mainly because of Charles Dickens way on life and how he saw it different than other people, furthermore he wanted to tell people his vision and the easiest and best way then was thought books and newspapers. Dickens chooses to write like this because of what his life was like. In a Christmas Carol, the scenes with family and children widely differ in terms of mood and atmosphere. This is largely due to the different settings and moods that Dickens has wrote the scenes in. Dickens chose to write the first scene in a gloomy and a disturbing way but still puts a light hearted side to it by adding jokes or just comments he makes, as the story progresses you understand more about Scrooge and how he changes the style to a differ and more softer view on his world and he gives quick, short around long sentences. ...read more.


He takes all this anger out on the things people love most like Christmas in this time, 'Merry Christmas! What right have you to be merry? You're poor enough'. He thinks that every thing revolvers around money and without it people ant people! But when talking about people we learn that he wants the surplus population to be decreased In the book there are two main parts with the whole Cratchit family all together. They are both set in the family's house on Christmas day; Dickens chose to Wright them very differently, one a calm and lively atmosphere and the other a dark, cold and gloomy. At the first sense it starts with a joke on Bob, "Bob has but fifteen bob a-week himself", even with this they still make the best of their little money they have. 'Mrs Cratchit with here poorly twice-turned gown' is a main strong part of the family even with nothing she is strong. When Dickens describes the slowly bubbling potatoes he uses personification to carry the idea that the potatoes are alive and want to be free but can't ...read more.


'The colour hurts my eyes' the colour isn't what's the matter but a way of covering up the truth, that the colour is a nick name for Tiny Tim and because he's gone all the colour from the family and the lives of the family has gone as well, it is a way of reminding them of him but only shuttle. 'The colour, Ah Tiny Tim' the narrator then understands what the colour is and expresses his sorrow. When Bob returns this time it is like he is forgotten, a lost person with out Tiny Tim he way nothing. The whole family falls apart after his death and Scrooge understand what he must do to stop this, and he does it in the best possible way. Dickens writes in experience, as he way poor once and knows how it feels, using this he can tell the rich people who read the paper with his stories in, they can understand what live is like for the poor, he is like the ghosts for them and e hope that they will understand and do something like Scrooge does! Laurence Noden ...read more.

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