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A Christmas Carol and The Kite Rider.

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Introduction In my essay (assessed task) I will be comparing two books. A Christmas Carol and The Kite Rider. I will be giving you points on the differences and similarities. A Christmas Carol is written in 1843 and is set in about the same time. The book is set in London and is written by Charles Dickens. The Kite Rider is set in the early middle ages and is written in 2001. The Kite Rider is written by Geraldine McCaughrean. In both of these books the main character goes on a journey and their journeys are very interesting and exciting. I especially like Haoyou's journey (the main character of The Kite Rider). A Christmas Carol is written in old English and The Kite Rider is in modern English. Now I will be giving some information on the authors of these books. Charles Dickens was born on the 7 February 1812 Portsmouth, England and he died on the 9 June 1870 (aged 58) Gad's Hill Place, Higham, Kent, England. Geraldine McCaughrean was born on the 6 June 1951 and is still living. ...read more.


This helps him to think other things than just money. Haoyou (main character of The kite rider) changes in wisdom and other things. He becomes less gullible as he thought his cousin was a real medium and he learns to keep his mouth shut refraining him from blabbering things out. As in the middle of the story he blurts something out and finds out that he nearly killed the whole circus. Here is a quote from A Christmas Carol "come back with him in less than five minutes, and I'll give you half a crown!" This does not sound nothing like Mr. Scrooge but it really is him after his magnificent change. Scrooge wouldn't even waste money on himself and after his change he actually gave money to a boy. Here is a quote from the kite rider "He's only a member of the Song royal family!" This quote is when Haoyou blurts a secret out. He probably changed this in the end. Another similarity is that they learn about there weakness and act accordingly. Scrooge learns that one of his main weaknesses is giving and being jolly at Christmas. ...read more.


Both of them learn things. Mr. Scrooge learns that it is better to be kind and poor than to be rich and mean but Haoyou learns to be independent. Both of their learning is different. Scrooge does not like to use his money not even on himself and Uncle Bo just gambles it all away. Mr. Scrooge is very scared to let go of his money but Uncle Bo just throws it away. Scrooge's journey happens in just one long night but Haoyou's happens in a year approximately. Now I will be explain which novel I like better. I think I enjoy the kite rider as it is very interesting and exciting. I think that it is definitely a better book than A Christmas Carol because for starters A Christmas carol is written in old English and not that interesting than the kite rider. I also like the kite rider because it explores the world China when a Christmas Carol only happens in London. The kite rider also has a fever of death in it like when the whole Jade circus got killed that bit is very tensing and is like you can't predict what's going to happen to the circus. So for me I think that the Kite rider is a better book By Samuel Joseph 8Q ...read more.

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