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'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens.

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'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens Ghost stories are easily identifiable because they contain classic features. Each aspect links together slowly creating a traditional tale. By looking at four simple features, we begin to piece the story together bit by bit. We tend to identify most often; settings/places, characters, events and language/tone. For example a typical ghost story setting could be in an old, abandoned house, desolate moors or even a family home. One pattern in these places is that there is usually an air of mystery about it, this is usually where the ghost makes its first appearance. An expectant reader will always assume this, but the personality will always be used to surprise the reader. Such as it could be either lonely, or revengeful, or merely just warning. The tone and language that go along with the ghost and its surroundings help create suspense. It normally uses certain qualities like long descriptive paragraphs filled with carefully chosen verbs and adjectives. This seems to always create a personal identity. Most ghost stories display certain events for example "When she bends, she breaks", has sudden shocks and leads up to the appearance of the ghost in a subtle, but surprising way. ...read more.


But the strangest thing about it was, that from the crown of its head there sprang a bright clear jet of light, by which all this was visible; and which was doubtless the occasion of its using, in its duller moments, a great extinguisher for a cap, which it now held under its arm". The light and the cap that springs from the head can be interpreted as different things. Its job is to show Scrooge some upsetting memories from past Christmas's. He is a reminder ghost, who is making him feel guilty. The third ghost is the "Ghost of Christmas present." This one is a different kind of description. "It was clothed in one simple deep green robe, or mantle, bordered with white fur. This garment hung so loosely on the figure, that its capacious breast was bare, as if disdaining to be warded or concealed by any artifice. Its feet, observable beneath the ample folds of the garment, were also bare; and on its head it wore no other covering than a holly wreath, set here and there with shining icicles. Its dark-brown curls were long and free; free as its genial face, its sparkling eye, its open hand, its cheery voice, its unconstrained demeanour, and its joyful air. ...read more.


It is a fable because at the moment a ghost is only a myth. I think this is appropriate for Christmas because it shows what a difference one person can make. Him being so tight and nasty brought grief for the Cratchit's who couldn't afford to keep Tiny Tim well, a sense of longing from his nephew and probably more hunger from the homeless. Most people are scared of ghosts and if they thought that if they were as bad as Scrooge they would get haunted, I think they would stop. It reminds people what Christmas is really about. This is why it is good for that time of year. Ghost stories have always been popular. Some are moral, some just to make you think and work out the real ending. Some such as "A Christmas carol" will make you identify the characters with people you actually know in real life. I think this is why it will always be popular. I think that "A Christmas carol" is a ghost story because although it's not exactly a ghost type of beginning, the middle part is. This is where you find all those classic features especially with the language and tone. The end is one where everyone is happy, or if not that satisfied. ...read more.

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