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'A Christmas Carol' By Charles Dickens - Choose three sections from the novella, where Dickens's use of settings help us to: Understand what is happening in the novella, and Understand and appreciate the characters more fully.

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Colne Valley High School Pre-1914 pose (cross over piece for English and English literature) 'A Christmas Carol' By Charles Dickens Choose three sections from the novella, where Dickens's use of settings help us to: * Understand what is happening in the novella. * Understand and appreciate the characters more fully. * Appreciate Dickens's skill. * Learn more about 19th century's life. * Understand Dickens purpose. Back ground to the writing of 'A Christmas carol' Charles Dickens wrote the book 'A Christmas carol' in October 1843. He finished the book on December 2nd. The book was only a novella, a short novel. He did not have enough time to write a full novel because he wanted the book to be published by Christmas. At the time he was struggling financially. In scrooge's childhood he had to start work at the age of twelve as his father got sent to prison for unpaid depts. At Christmas the book sold well because it was a nice present and was a reasonable price. Dickens reputation also helped him sell the book. He was inspired by the parts of London that he walked through at night. He took the characters from 'Pickwick papers'. Then added characters that were both wealthy and poor. Section 1: Marley's Ghost. Setting This section takes place in Scrooge's living room. ...read more.


Why is it effective? This section is effective because until Scrooge sees his grave he does not know it is him that is dead. This gives the reader the a clear view of how Scrooge reacts when he finds out that it is him that is dead. It is a skilled way in which Dickens uses the technique to help the reader. What do we learn about 19th century life? In this section there are at least two things that show us that life was different in the 19th century then it is in the present day. These are: They did not have a funeral service for poor people they just buried them. Now funerals are a big event to show respect. They do not use pawnbrokers as much as they did and people would certainly not take things from the dead in the present day. In those days people often skated on the lakes when they froze over. We do not do this because of the danger. Section 3: The end Setting This section is set on Christmas day. Everyone is happy and jolly in the Christmas spirit. At the start of the section the snowy streets are quiet apart from a couple of people. As the section moves on he visits his nephews at their big rich family home. ...read more.


Again this also shows how nobody cared for Scrooge. He went to the church.............................and found that everything could yield him pleasure.' This is when Scrooge has changed and shows that he has, by describing how he did things he never did before and enjoying them. 'Now, I'll tell you what my friend,....................................... and therefore I am about to raise your salary!' this is when Scrooge is nice to Bob Cratchit. Every one remembers this part of the book because they feel so happy for Bob. When the book was released at Christmas 1843 it was very popular because in those days they didn't celebrate Christmas with decorations and dinners as much as they do now. The book gave the public lots of ideas. It was also a nice present to send at Christmas and since Dickens had released it at such a low price a lot more people could afford it. The story is also perfect for the whole family and has a happy ending .The book is still loved as part of the family tradition at Christmas. The film is always on TV at Christmas and was recently remade with the famous Muppet puppets. I think the book is good because there is a lot of detail in it. When you watch the film,it does not give you that same detail which you get from reading the story. I also like to read it at Christmas time because it is such a warming story. Suzanne Thomas 10s 6TH January 2004 ...read more.

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