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A Christmas Carol - Literature Coursework

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Explore Dickens' portrayal of Ebenezer Scrooge and his changing character throughout 'A Christmas Carol' 'A Christmas Carol' is a novel written in 1843 when there is a divide of the rich and poor. Dickens wanted to send out a message of generosity and sympathy to the reader and also that everybody gets a chance to change their ways. He gets his message across using the time of Christmas to show the reader how we could use his message throughout the whole year. At the time Dickens wrote the novel, he is going through a difficult time. There is poverty surrounding him and his family, which let him see the desperation and worry on everyone's face as people were living in hideous conditions. This also led to his father going to a debtor's prison as his family is also in poverty. This would have given Dickens the views of generosity and selflessness he had. At the start of 'A Christmas Carol', Ebenezer Scrooge is described as physically and emotionally cold. "The cold within him froze his old features, nipped his pointed nose, shrivelled his cheek". ...read more.


This contrasts with how Scrooge had treated his clerk at the start of the novel because then he wouldn't even let him have enough coal to keep him warm while he is working for Scrooge. Dickens wants us to see that Scrooge is beginning to change, in that he can now see how bad he is treating his clerk in the past. This is important the reader's first impression of Scrooge is that he didn't care for anyone but himself and is only interested in his money. The next ghost to give Scrooge a visit is the ghost of Christmas present and the reader's view on Scrooge is beginning to improve. The message that this ghost give to Scrooge is generosity and selflessness. He gets his message across by showing how people don't have to be rich to be happy, kind and generous. When the ghost takes Scrooge to see the Crachit's house, Scrooge is emotionally moved by Tiny Tim. "Bob held his withered little hand to his, as if he loved the child, and wished to keep him by his side, and dreaded that he might be taken from him". ...read more.


It also clearly shows that he has learnt the error of his ways and will now be a kind and selfless person. This is an important part of the novel as it shows that he has now fully changed, and the desperation he has shown makes the reader feel sorry for him. Dickens has done this on purpose as it shows that a character, that at the start of the novel, the reader has a bad view on. Then by the end of the novel you feel sorry for and hope that he does have a chance to show that he has changed into a better person. After Scrooge's journey to become a better person, he makes up for what he has been like to other people in the past by being kinder and more caring to other people that were less fortunate. This novel sent out a message of how every person has the perfect attitude inside them and everyone has the choice to if they want to show it. Also, this novel also shows how everybody can be happy without money, and its only family and friends that are important, not objects like money and property. ...read more.

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