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A Christmas carol - section review

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A Christmas Carol The novel a Christmas carol by Dickens, was written in 1843 during the Victorian era. It was set in London and it was written to highlight the suffering of the poor especially at Christmas. The poor are suffering from the lack of money because there were no jobs available. There was no healthcare and poor housing and they had no money. They could not afford beautiful houses or swanky things in their houses. Bad diet because fruit and vitamins were too expensive. They had little or even no sanitation which caused illness, infant death, poor health and personal hygiene simply because they cant afford it. As mentioned, there was very little work available there were too many people and not enough jobs. When people finally found jobs they were very badly paid. Those people that were unfortunate and couldn't get jobs would starve. Many large families were separated and sent to debtors prison or the workhouse. ...read more.


Fred is insouciant, easygoing, happy, and jolly and loves Christmas. Dickens refers Fred to "ruddy!" this means really excited and pleasant. Even when scrooge is being barbaric and cruel Fred is still in the festive, joyful mood. "Good day uncle" calls Fred. "Bah humbug" replies scrooge, but Fred still carries on happy as ever! The charity workers are completely shocked when scrooge doesn't want to make a donation. They are just devastated that scrooge can be so cruel. Bob Crachett is completely different to scrooge; Bob is more like Fred. Festive and happy. Bob pretends to scrooge that he is okay and likes him but secretly doesn't like him. Scrooge lives in what could be a nice house but just isn't. Scrooge decides to live in such a way that is bearable and liveable but does not have to spend any money. We know this by what Dickens has wrote in stave 1. Scrooge never has any decorations up at a festive time like Christmas. ...read more.


Instead of scrooge making horrible remarks like "Bah Humbug" he is kind, polite, jolly and just feels wonderful. "I am as light as a feather, I as happy as a angel, I am as merry as a school boy." When Bob comes into work just eighteen and a half minutes behind schedule scrooge makes a joke by pretending he is really angry and he is going to sack Bob. "Now I tell you what my friend, I am not going to stand for this behaviour" threatens scrooge trying not to laugh. " I am going to"........ Bob looking worried. "Raise your salary". Bob changed his expression to gob smacked. You can see the contrast of the first and second stave to the fifth one. Scrooge is constantly laughing and smiling, scrooge is confused when a little weird noise came from his mouth. Until he realised that it was a laugh. He had not laughed for so long he forgot what it felt like. When scrooge goes round to his family's house for some Christmas dinner they don't really know what to say to him. When he knocked on the door they all gasped! ...read more.

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