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a christmas carol- What does the story tell us about Victorian England, and what message does it have on modern readers?

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A Christmas Carol has been a popular novel for over a hundred years. Explain why you think this is? What does the story tell us about Victorian England, and what message does it have on modern readers? Charles Dickens was an exceptional novelist who wrote some of the greatest and most famous novels. He believed there was a lot wrong within the nineteenth century society and shows his views through the novel 'A Christmas Carol', one of Dickens most popular and deep felt novels. Dickens's childhood experiences influenced him in the writing of this novel; it also played an immense part in his determination to help the rich to improve their attitudes and treatment of the poor. Dickens's talent for writing played a great part in him to convey his message of ending poverty in Victorian England through this novel. Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, his father worked as a clerk in a navy pay office. His family's growing poverty forced Dickens to work at the age of twelve in a blacking warehouse. ...read more.


Dickens shows this through Scrooge and Bob Crachits relationship in which Scrooge is of the upper class and Bob Crachit of the lower. Dickens uses Scrooge to show the attitude of the upper class towards the lower, "I don't have time to make idle people happy". This indicates that Scrooge doesn't have any sympathy towards the poor struggling to survive whilst he takes his own wealth for granted. Stave one introduces the main character Scrooge. Dickens sets of the seen by introducing Scrooge to the reader, Scrooge's physical appearance is described as "the cold within him froze, nipped his pointed nose, shrivelled his cheeks......" His appearance is exaggerated by these terms in order for the reader to visualize how emotionally cold he actually is. Other descriptions of him such as "a grasping, scrapping and clutching old sinner", his characteristics straight away create the effect that shows he has no feelings and does not care for anyone. Both his unappealing appearance and personality make the audience have an uncaring attitude towards him. ...read more.


The transformation in Scrooge's character leaves the reader with a message that it is never too late to change. Also by changing for the better you feel better about your self this is shown as Scrooge can't stop repeating the word merry. The novel combines real life traditions with supernatural elements yet it still carries an important moral theme. Charles Dickens novels criticise the brutality and injustice treatment of the poor in his time. The society was divided between rich and poor. He was a campaigner for social reform in Victorian England, he presents his thoughts and criticises society through the lives of his characters. In the novel Dickens describes the poor characters to be the most generous, kind and caring people, whereas the wealthiest characters to be evil and uncaring. It shows how people of the nineteenth century society treated each other and how some people changed, also that it isn't never to late to change yourself. Many readers are inspired to apply Dickens message to their own lives. ...read more.

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