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A Close Analysis of Pages 11+12 In Gawain and The Green Knight (Simon Armitage)

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A Close Analysis of Pages 11 and 23 Page eleven is very near the beginning of the story, and so the page reveals the appearance of the green knight, the previous pages describe how the knights are in a banquet at Christmas and the page begins as they are about to start dinner. It starts of with 'Now, on the subject of supper I'll say no more as it's obvious to everyone that no one went without.' This shows that because they are knights they have earned their dinner, as he says he has said enough, also in this sentence he mentions that 'no one went without' so there was obviously a lot of wealth involved. The next sentence says 'Because another sound, a new sound, suddenly drew near, which might signal the king to sample his supper,' the repetition of sound, gives the effect of the sound getting closer and closer. ...read more.


Then the list begins on how he looks 'a mountain of a man, immeasurably high, a hulk of a human from head to hips, so long and thick in his loins an his limbs I should genuinely judge him to be half-giant' the first sentence is quite a mouthful, just as he might be quite a sight, then skipping on a few sentences it mentions he is a half giant, this is a realistic size, it is still huge, but not unbelievable (as it would have been if it had said he was a giant).It then goes on to say 'the mightiest of mortals' this makes you think... is he really mortal, or actually godly like. Then after telling us about his hugeness describes how his boy is actually slender and handsome 'despite the bulk and brawn of his body his stomach and waist were slender and sleek. ...read more.


took a bite from the floor' this suggests that the axe was maybe mystical as it was hungry itself and wanted to eat Gawain also by using bite I find that it is quite, using bite as the word rather than chunk or any of the other words he could of used. Later on in the poem on that page he quotes 'blood gutters brightly against his green gown' we can only guess that his blood is red, it does not say, but if it was, his outfit would now make the colours of Christmas, red gold and green, the gold coming from the braids in his hair and the jewellery he wears. My favourite part of this page is the end it says 'the court was deadened now with dread' this is quite ironic because though Gawain cut off the green knight's head, it is now the court that is dead. ...read more.

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