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A close call. Driving on the highway with my family I saw a terrible accident

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A Close Call Driving on the highway with my family I saw a terrible accident. Cars crashed, blood on the road, people crying. All this reminded of what I had been through. It has been six years but it still seems as if it was yesterday. Each and every detail is still vividly engraved in me. Whenever I think of the accident I end up with goose bumps and I get pale and frightened. It really was a close call. Sadly, dangerous and deadly road accidents have become common news in Jeddah. We hear stories on the news, from friends and family but it's totally different when you personally experience such traumatic incident in life. ...read more.


He picked our father's car keys and started walking out the door. I stopped him reminding him he still was not a professional driver. He reassured me that we are just going two lanes away and we will be back by the time father wakes up. We both sat in the car and before my brother started the car he reminded me wear your seat belt and so I did. He was driving carefully on the empty road but as he realized there was no car in sight he started accelerating. He was driving faster now until he saw a car reversing from a parking space and instead of hitting on the brakes he ended up speeding even more until the cars crashed into each other. ...read more.


It brought me closer to Allah and strengthened my faith. Whereas my brother became sensitive as he blamed himself of his careless driving that resulted in a loss of a life. He would even break into aggression if someone spoke to him about it. But with time he too recovered from it and learned the lesson to drive carefully. Certain events in people's lives change them completely. This too happened with me. I now have become a different person compare to what I was before the accident. It was the most frightening experience of my life. I nearly tasted death. The event made me realize the importance of life but most of all it made me understand the significance of driving safely not only for your life but also others who on the road. ...read more.

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