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A close encounter.

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A close encounter The rays of the sun crept through the blinds, hitting me directly in the eyes. I just turned my face around I did not want to get up, as I always found waking up in the morning one of the hardest things to do. I think I was really just waiting for someone to come and wake me up, just at that moment, my sister came in, running around like a headless chicken. A state of shock was obvious on her face. I tried to recall what it could be... Maybe she had grown a spot overnight, or even worse, she had kinked her hair! Whatever next.. my eyelids embarked on closing again... "Get up, have you seen the bloody time!? Everyone already had a shower and your still lying in bed" my sister's voice screeched through my eardrums.. aaahh no-one could beat her. "Ok, ok, keep your hair on, I am always the first one to get ready, no matter what time of the day I wake up", I replied. I got out of bed and strolled towards the bathroom, which in my case was attached to the bedroom I was in. I always astounded how large the houses Canada actually were. Take for instance the house in which I was residing at, it had five bedrooms, five bathrooms and three living rooms. This was an average size of a house in Vancouver. ...read more.


Especially my cousin Parm (Mandeep's older brother), who had ten bear cans and said he needed another five to get him drunk enough to dance. However, he did not get the chance because we had to leave. We all set of at the same time and we all sat in the same vehicles. We had to drop of by Melissa's house first because she needed some night clothing because she was going to stay around with us. Once she had got her clothes we set off to go back home. However, Mandeep did not eat at the party so he wanted to stop somewhere and eat. Most of the shops were closed which was obvious because it was one in the morning. So we stopped at Subway and just got some snacks and we then hit the motorway (or what the Canadians call it "the freeway"). There were no lights on the dual carriage freeway. It was very different to motorways in England. There was a hilly area with trees all along the right hand side of us. And on the left, there were trees and shrubs as well as a ditch which ran along the length of carriage way, separating us from the carriage way on our left. I sat at the back on the left and with Reena, Meena and Melissa. At the front, Rupi was driving and Mandeep sat in the passenger seat. ...read more.


There was a u-turn in the road and instead of turning they drove straight, which was at us. In addition to this the police told us we were lucky were in a jeep if were travelling in a car and we were hit by trees we would have certainly be dead. We were lucky we did not hit them it and it was all down to Parm who rang us while we were driving. If he did not ring Rupi would not have braked slightly and we would have hit the van. Out of curiosity I will tell you why Parm had rang. He rang because he was going to do a barbecue at one in the morning and he wanted to know how many vegetarian burgers I wanted (because I am vegetarian). So I would say vegetarian burgers and the idea of Parm doing a barbeque saved our lives. The next day we all had to go to the hospital to be examined. Rupi was injured the most because she hurt her back. She had been in a car accident before which was also not her fault and she had physiotherapy on her back and now she re-hurt her back. Melissa hurt her neck, she slightly crack one of her vertebrates. I dislocated my left elbow the others just suffered minor concussions. Two days later my mum, sister, dad and I flew back to England. Reflecting back on the events I realised how lucky I was to be alive and how important your family is to you. BY RAJDEEP SINGH SANDHER ...read more.

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