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'A comic creation'.

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'A comic creation' The book "Bridget Jones's diary", written by Helen Fielding, is a not very thick, not very thin, ordinary book about a not very fat, (perhaps a little...) not very slim, ordinary thirty-year-old woman - Bridget Jones. As you might figure out from the title, this book is her diary, and naturally Bridget is the chief character. This book is a one year long extract from her life. On the first two pages of the book you will find a list of her"New year's resolutions", two pages with things that she will do and things that she will not do the coming year. Things like"not smoke, not spend more than earn, be more confident, learn to program her video" etc. In one way you could say that this is the base of the story of the book. I mean, we all know what it's like at New Year, when you sort of want to start a new life, and you write down all the things you have to change about yourself, and then we all also know what happens later... ...read more.


And, not to forget, there is always a note of her weight. Because next after the fact that she is thirty and not yet married having two kids, which really really bothers her, that's what worries her most in life. Or maybe it's the other way around? Hard to say actually... Now, you might get a picture of Bridget as a person fixed by the idea of getting to fat, to old, to boring or whatever, (and I guess that's the way she is on the whole...) but as everything else in this book, it's all written with a touch of humor, so you don't really take it seriously. As a matter of fact, this book would have sucked (sorry about the dirty expression) if it wasn't for the great sense of humor in it. Helen Fielding is a very good writer, perhaps to good for me who hasn't red any English books before and isn't used to so many to me new and difficult words. ...read more.


and so on. But it's not that she is lousy at describing environments, it's because this is supposed to be Bridget's diary, and normally you don't describe things that you see every day in your diary. Very simple to figure out. I don't think I can say that this diary could bee my own as well, that I can see myself in Bridget, because I don't. I mean, she is 30 and I'm only 16, and that makes a big difference. But of course there are some things and thoughts about life and love that we have in common. That probably almost every woman has. I just really hope I won't become as desperate as Bridget when I turn thirty-something and don't have a steady relationship... As a short summary of this book I can say that it is a great novel, very funny, and I strongly recommend it. It doesn't really matter how old you are, and perhaps not even if your�re a man or a woman, everybody can understand and laugh at Bridget's funny life. ?? A review of Helen Fielding�s novel Bridget Jones's diary, Written by Jonas Elson NV1c VT '02 ...read more.

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