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A comparison between 'Not to forgive wasting time' and 'Nothings Changed'.

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A comparison between 'Not to forgive wasting time' and 'Nothings Changed'. The poem 'Not to forgive wasting time' is about standing up for what you believe in. The Hutu/Tutsi conflict in Rwanda in 1994 is the main issue of this poem. I think the ideas the poet Al Gobus wants us to think about whilst reading this poem is the shock of today, these types of mass genocide are still appearing all over the world. He writes 'can we not learn from this cruel seemingly ever contemporary history'. In my opinion this shows me that he is trying to explain how we should learn from this, and how at this stage in history, it shouldn't be happening. By the word 'seemingly' he's suggesting that it keeps happening. The poem 'Nothings Changed' generally is about how over years of trying to abolish the 'black and white' division, its still there. In the poem, Tamtamkhulu Afrika is in my opinion trying to express his anger of the situation, and trying to make us the readers understand this, which very clearly and cleverly achieves this. Technically, this event is called the 'Apartheid' meaning 'Separate-ness in Africans'. ...read more.


These two quotes really interest me as they are clearly and cleverly linked. Likewise, a quote I find interesting in the poem 'Nothings Changed' is 'soft labouring of my lungs.' The word 'labouring' demonstrates to me that he is trying very hard to breathe, and that it's a struggle. The fact he uses this word in a quote describing breathing, to me shows he is finding it upsetting and heart-quenching to truly breathe. By using the word 'soft' he is juxtaposing the different angles of the quote, as the word soft when mentioned in a line breathing should usually be seen as graceful, peaceful and calm. I think Tamtamkhulu is trying to use the word however as the emotion of sadness and sorrow. A couple of techniques the poet Al Gobus uses in 'Not to forgive wasting time' is firstly repetition. He uses this in the lines 'When life is held precious, when difference is honoured, when all by loving all of life'. I think Al uses this to drum the word 'when' in the reader's head, almost like a beat to create a strong argumentative tone of 'when, when, when' as if he's screaming the words at you. ...read more.


I think he has done it like this because he wants to show the contrast of what's happening in the first bit, showing how sad and confused he is, and then lastly getting angry and opinionated. Tamtamkhulu structures 'Nothings Changed' in a similar way having 7 stanzas and each line quite short, but very detailed. He says 'new, up-market, haute cuisine' which shows me what an impact using short lines could achieve instead of saying loads and rambling on. By using short lines he also attains attention and more enters the brain. The effect of also structuring his poem like this also gives an impression of sadness, almost a struggle to read it which inevitably is the main theme of the poem. In conclusion, both poems 'Not to forgive wasting time' and 'Nothings Changed' are both showing the upmost anger and emotional distress of both the poets. 'Not to forgive wasting time' to me makes me feel angry, and argumentative as the pointlessness of the conflict really does take its toll on you. Whereas in 'Nothings changed' the frustration and sorrow for all the people makes me feel sad and makes me want to do something to help. In my opinion both poems are equal in greatness and in techniques, which individually makes each poem brilliant. ...read more.

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