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A comparison between the heroes in 'Of Mice and Men' and 'The Sexton's Hero'

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Dale Titterton A comparison between the heroes in 'Of Mice and Men' and 'The Sexton's Hero' In this essay I will be talking about what a hero is, what the person has done to be a hero and who is the hero in different situations. I will be comparing the Hero out of 'Of Mice and Men' to the hero out of 'The Sexton's Hero'. John Steinback is the author of 'Of Mice and Men' and Elizabeth Gaskell is the author of 'The Sexton's Hero' In 'The Sexton's Hero' the hero is Gilbert. Gilbert is the hero because he saves Letty from drowning as well as The Sexton even though he hated them and then went on to get killed himself. He hated them because he was planning on marrying Letty but The Sexton stole her away from him. ...read more.


It would take a pretty strong-hearted man to do all this, which is why I believe he is a hero. The main reason that rounds off everything is that at the end of the novel George shoots Lennie but it wasn't out of spite, it was for Lennie's own good. Lennie had killed The Boss's son's wife by accident and the whole town was looking for Lennie so they could hang him and torture him etc. George didn't want this to Dale Titterton happen so he recited 'The Dream' one last time and then shot Lennie in the head so he didn't have to suffer. When George shot Lennie it would have taken a whole lot of guts and courage to do this. ...read more.


After he had saved Letty and The Sexton, he drowned himself, so in other words he gave his life for them without holding a grudge, which is what a real hero would do. If I was asked who I thought was more of a hero out of Gilbert from 'The Sexton's Hero' and George from 'Of Mice and Men' I would say neither. I would say this because I believe that once a person has done something to make himself a hero he stays at the one, same level. For example, people wouldn't say George was anymore of a hero if he did something else afterwards because he would already be one. Even if one of them had done something very small to make themselves a hero they would still be both classified as a hero at the same level. In conclusion both George and Gilbert are as much of a hero as each other. ...read more.

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