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A Comparison Between the Poems Hawk Roosting and The Windhover

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A Comparison Between the Poems Hawk Roosting and The Windhover The Poems Hawk Roosting and The Windhover are both about birds as their titles already suggest. Even though tey are of the same subject they have many differences and contrasts. One tells us about a bird who thinks allot of himself and is almost some kind of a show off. In the other hand, The Windhover tells us of a bird who is light and gentle passing a much better impression than the bird in the poem Hawk Roosting. In Hawk Roosting we seem to have a darker image of the bird while in the other one a much brighter and lighter image is passed. ...read more.


He also belives to have power over life and death. He thimks he has control of all that happens in the World and wishes to keep things like this. He thinks of himself as almost a Godly like figure. In the Windhover the Bird seems to be gentler than the one in Hawk Roosting. The poem is not written from his point of view. It is written from the point of view of a person who is observing him. He is like a gift from God for the people who just watch him float lightly through the air. The bird in the windhover does not seem to think a much of himself as the one in Hawk Roosting. ...read more.


The Sun of daylight as he says in the poem. In Hawk Roosting, it is the bird that says he is almost a God. He thinks he is the center of the universe and that he has control over all that happens. He is too self-confident. So, as you can see even though the pems Hawk Roosting and and the Windhover are about birds they have many differences between them. The two are interesting and entertining each one in their own specific way and I beive are class is previleged to read such good poems from such good authors. The one I liked best however was The Windhover since I thought the bird inHawk Roosting was too much of a show off and I do not appreciate that in a characters personality, but as I said previosuly both are excellent poems. Eduardo Krutman ...read more.

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