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A Comparison of First Love by John Clare and A Woman To Her Lover by Christina Walsh.

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A Comparison of First Love by John Clare and A Woman To Her Lover by Christina Walsh. A woman to her lover is a very sophisticated piece of poetry with no rhyming scheme. It is about a woman who has received a proposal of marriage from a man and is considering all of the reasons why he wants to marry her. In the first three verses she explains different situations she does not want to marry into. Then finally in the last stanza she explains what she would want to marry into. She uses complicated language and structure. First love has a simple rhyming scheme and uses very basic language to show the innocence of the man it is happening to. ...read more.


Then finally what she wants form the marriage and her feelings towards it. They use very different styles Walsh's has no rhyme and Clare's has a very basic form (a quatrain.) The man in Clare's poem is na�ve and does not understand his feelings. Walsh's poem shows the girl to understand and know about love. She is obviously older and more experienced so can recognize her emotions. Some of the lines in first love are insensible and unclear e.g. "she seemed to hear my silence." It is clear in both poems that love can be interpreted in many different ways and is wanted for all kinds of things. For a woman to be a "bondslave" or a "servant" to her husband. ...read more.


Which is in some ways true but on the whole incorrect. Love may be frightening but not nearly as much as it is portrayed in the poem. On the contrary in A Woman To Her Lover it is shown as an awful thing similarly to First Love but it then turns to show the benefits as well, which makes it more realistic. It also uses real situations making it more believable and honest. Unlike Clare's poem that uses to many metaphors and adjectives It poses questions at the end to make it seem more intelligent and make you think about it but, in truth it doesn't fit and does not make sense. Out of the two poems A Woman To Her Lover is far more successful and plausible. I think this is due to as said before it showing different situations and her response to them all is natural and comprehensible. By Helen Hayes ...read more.

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