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A comparison of Four Years by Pamela Gillilian and Funeral Blues by W.H.Auden

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A comparison of Four Years by Pamela Gillilian and Funeral Blues by W.H.Auden In this essay I am writing about is a comparison of love and loss in both of the poems, Four Years (by Pamela Gillian) and Funeral Blues (by W.H. Auden). I will write of such things such as whether or not the poets were selfish, if they used abstract nouns (something that you talk about which isn't physical, e.g. love, hate, etc) or concrete nouns (something which is physical, e.g. smell, listen, etc) in the poems and what their poems mean. I intend to make sense of the poems and see whether or not, what Gillilan writes is crazy and if Auden has wrote the impossible. ...read more.


A description of what the loved one meant. 4) The world should be demolished now. These demands show the narrator's state worsening. The poem is emotional and personal for the poet, but his last demands are selfish. This is his general expression of grief. Gillilian doesn't use rhyming couplets (two lines which rhyme together), but she does use concrete nouns only, like when she writes 'The smell of him went soon' and 'Between the folds of a curtain, Or the covers of a book, I touch, A flake of his skin'. (The concrete nouns are underlined). Gillian's poem is about what she was left with when her loved one died, and what she done with his belongings. ...read more.


For nothing now could ever come to any good.' (The concrete nouns are underlined). For Auden to write all this impossible things, it shows that he his lost without his love. In his third verse of 'Funeral Blues', he writes the a description of what his gay partner meant to him, as well as why I thought he was lost without him: 'He was my North, my South, my East and West, My working week and my Sunday rest, My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song: I thought that love would last forever, I was wrong.' As you can see, that is why I think he was lost. I particularly think the last two lines of the poem sum up the poem. These two poets show us that they thought the world of their loved ones. ENGLISH ESSAY 2 ...read more.

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