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A Comparison of Great Expectations and of Mice and Men

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A Comparison of Great Expectations and of Mice and Men Of Mice and Men and great Expectations are on the surface very different books but if you compare them with detail you will find that they are very alike Introduction Of Mice and Men is a book set in the 1930's its about two laborers named Lennie and George who travel around together looking for work. They are both very different people but thy both share one dream. Ch 01 At the beginning of the book we are introduced to two of the main characters George and Lennie. George is the brightest of the couple, "You never ought to drink water when it ain't running" He is a small quick and bright man and he looks after Lennie who is a tall man but clearly not very bright as suggested from this next quotation. "Lennie dabbled his big paw in the water and wiggled his fingers so the water arose in little splashes"... This shows us that Lennie isn't very bright and is amazed by the simplest things. "Look George look what I done" That quotation shows us of his child like resemblance as he is proud of what he has done even though it is so simple and not very special. Another quotation that shows us his resemblance of a child is, "Lennie who had been watching imitated George exactly" This shows us that again Lennie is extremely childlike as you can imagine him sat there watching George as if he is constantly learning. ...read more.


We are shown in the book how gentle Lennie is as he does not fight back against Curly until he is told to by George which not only shows that lennie is gentle but how dependant on George he is. This quotation also shows Lennies strength "Looks like ever' bone in his hands bust!" We are also shown again of his innocence and gentleness "Didn't wanna hurt him" Also in this chapter Candy's dog is shot as it is old and is suffering, but we only understand the significance of this act later "Shouldn't of let no stranger shoot my dog" Also in this chapter Lennie gets a new pet from Slim. "The big guys messing around with your pups" This again suggests that Lennie is a gentle character. The power of dreams emerges when Candy is drawn into it which shows us that everyone is not happy with their life and all believe that they can do something better. "How much they want for a place like that" Candy wants to be part of this because he can't do much anymore and soon will become unemployed. He doesn't want to be alone either, which brushes again on the theme of loneliness. "I won't have no place to go" In chapter 4 the theme of loneliness in brought up again when crooks who is supposedly the loneliest person on the ranch because he's black, we are shown the loneliness when is having to rub lotion on his own back as he has no one else to help him. ...read more.


The main theme of the books is lonliness, in Great Expectations Pip becomes lonely and unwanted and in Of Mice and Men all the characters are lonely in some way or another, for example at Christmas the boss brought in a big barrel of whiskey because none of them have any family, even the name of the town Solidad means lonely. Both of the books follow a dream and in both books the dreamers are so close to achieving their goal until tragedy befalls them. There are also lots of differences between them for example, the tone of Great Expectations switches from horror to mystery to comedy, whereas of Mice and Men maintains the same tone throughout the book. Great Expectations was written in the style of a Soap Opera and Of Mice and Men was written as a play , I think that the characters in Great Expectations are very overdone and unbelievable unlike Of Mice and Men where you can really imagine what the characters look and act like. Great Expectations ranges across various places such as London which differs to Of Mice and Men because that is set in one particular place. Conclusion Out of the two books I definitely preferred Of Mice and Men because of various reasons such as; it was more believable the characters seemed like real people, the language used was more effective, I thought that Great Expectations was too coincidental and also I thought Great Expectations was too old fashioned with the language and style used. ...read more.

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